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  1. Wow Ok i know you spent 300 CND on this case and expect it to work but Almost any case you buy will have some problems. two, I have researched this case and have found many sites that inform you of the PSU bracket, so you have only yourself to blame on that one. three, the PCI problem is just a design flaw so yes it is not your fault but they are just holes. And finally why didnt you just speak to CM Customer support, I am sure they would help you fix your problem. P.S. Maybe all your problems were caused by the misshandling from the retailer you brought it from and not CM.
  2. No I would think not, but maybe one 120x120mm
  3. Yes the blocks on the aquagate will work on a Athlon XP 3200. O, you may not think so but the 3200 is still a good processor I wish I had one.
  4. I switched my fan out for a blue led fan and have lost little performence. Original fan was almost always set on 1, to keep same temp new fan must be set on 2 but it is way quieter. Tank temp is only a reference. Does it really matter if your cpu temp is where it should be. What CPU do you have because those temps sound a little hot to me? P.S. Changing the fans will void your warrenty
  5. yeah i navigated to the other folders.
  6. Great Case, one of the best I've seen btw nice Javelin SST
  7. kbates666

    Aquagate question.

    The Aquagate does not draw its power from your psu it draws its power from the main line to your pc weather it be 120 volts or europe. It work kind of like a splitter.
  8. Thats a shame because three barb blocks are better. When my Aquagate clicks I does it during normal usage not when it starts so is that a problem with the pump?
  9. My Aquagate did not come with the tri-barb CPU block, mine is a standard 2 barb block, so I dont know what you are all taking about. The Coolent is a pain in the butt to get in even with the filler on the bottle I would recomend a funnel. P.S. Does anyone's aquagate click sometimes?
  10. I have one, I found that it cools well my temps never get over 37C on my cpu. But I have modded mine a bit, I took the first fan out (loud as :)) and replaced it with a Cooler Master Blue led fan(looks way better). I also put a 60mm fan on the back mountings a common add on. So with the led fan and 60mm Vantec Stealth it never gets above a whirrrrr sound very quiet compared to my chipset fan. All and All I like it looks great, and is made out of solid metal.
  11. No I have 3 120mm cooler master fans and all of them are fine and I run then 24/7.
  12. nah, I like the 210. I'm a fan of doors. LOL
  13. They are UV reactive zip ties that I use to keep things neat.