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  1. Thanks man. It is even more white now because i removed the blu-ray. And i also took some pictures when it was dark.
  2. Thank you Of course it would have been best with white PCB on the motherboard. But i haven't seen any completely white MB.
  3. Here are some finale pictures. Enjoy.
  4. The competition is near its end but I'm still modding Need to hurry a bit perhaps.
  5. God evening (in Sweden) it's been a long time since I posted last time. The reason is that i have had to much om my scheme. But I aim to be done before the 15 of may Here are the pictures for today. The sleeve is a new one that is more like fabric sleeve, not as plastic as the one i used before. I also got a nice little card from the shop i ordered from.
  6. Thx man Well here is the update for today. Warranties are made to be broken. Have you ever wonder what a Fractal Design Newton R2 1000W looks inside? Here's the answer. Hmm only 85C capacitors but at least Nippon Chemi Con Pretty well filled PSU. Fan of unknown origin. Don't worry about the black line on the PSU, that I'm going to fix,
  7. They're looking white, and we like white fans very much
  8. Unfortunately I ran out of paint in my first aerosol so i just took another, but it wasn't the same color. I use matt white but the other can was shiny white so i had to repaint everything. Here are the things I've repainted. They are laying on the laptop and the laptop stands on the receiver. The case to the 6950 is now open in the back.
  9. Damn it looks very interesting, the Cosmos S is one the best cases out there I'm looking forward to the the final piece.
  10. Hmm i think someone spam here. Well lets ignore him/her and continue with the build. I have some pictures for you all today. The pictures describes what I'm doing right now. I am spraying things white The backplate of the XFX 6950, the casing of the Asus xonar STX and the casing of the 6950. Yes, I have also masked the "cat" and the logotype of Asus on the Xonar STX because I like them. Enjoy
  11. Looks like the Cosmos (S) side panel like the one lying around here Right, and if you wonder why I had this little "competition" is because that I almost knew that someone would ask why I doesn't use my Cosmos S to mod. And this way it would be a little more funny to bring out the answer. I have already used it, it is an old build. Nope, no special lens, just an Sigma 55-200/4.0-5.6 DC and the camera I'm using is a Sony Alpha A200. But I'm also using a tripod because every picture take around 10-20 seconds. To big, i like the single models more ... rl&act=url
  12. Thank you. When i hear good criticism i know I'm going in the right direction. Looking forward to see what you can have to show off.
  13. Thank you, i believe that the work log is just as important as the final piece. It was not long from now that i made a huge step in how to control my SLR, and that made a huge improvement of the quality and art of the pictures. To be honest, a time ago I also liked black cases most and of course the 690 II Advanced black were one of my favorites. My favorite was the CM Cosmos S 1100 (that i made a mod of, black and white). But when i saw the CM 690 II Advanced White i fell in love. To keep your things a little more white i recommend you to clean more frequently (Just kidding) I know for myself that it is hard to keep white things clean. Just a few days and the case is dirty and dusty.