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  1. I know i could have done a better job, but this is my first work, I thought i had some good ideas for that mod so i decided to enter this contest. I then got a lack of both time and money and didn't obtain the result i wanted to archieve. I may have underestimated the difficulty of the work but i don't think is that bad... probably i won't win anything, but I'm quite satisfied of what I've done and will try to improve my ability over the time
  2. more photos of finished work: close photos of stucco work reservoir inside outside
  3. finished... or not? i don't know if it's better to keep plexyglass opaque or to make it transparent
  4. still have to polish the plexy and do some sleeving
  5. reworked a little the stucco around window and radiator, going to paint it tomorrow
  6. mounted neon and leds, need to finish cable managment and then i'll mount the PC
  7. still needs some cleaning
  8. still not perfectbut coming out nice
  9. a hand of stucco spray before painting
  10. stencils: for the front part: for upper part: for psu cables cover:
  11. cover for PSU cables finishing the interior
  12. just arrived the black & decker's mouse finishing top