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  1. Sorry, I havent got time to update Well , its start look like a case now ^^ Long screws i know ^^ , i gonna short them a bit Hmmm , a kind of "Wrong-Place" But i can without problems put the cable to the PSU in without problem , same with the "On/Off button" ______ You see the moderboard tray is to small ^^ Can i without any problems do *Cut a hole for a 140mm fan ? And put another Aluminium sheets behind, and cut shapes after the motherboard ?
  2. Under the weekend have i not do so much.. Yesterday (read: saturday) did i drove snowmobile all day long (the fact is that I hate snowmobile ^^ , but its always nice to see the beautiful nature in north sweden ) (back on topic) today have i remove a few parts from a HP case for the motherboard and "backplate" or how i gonna call it. So i need to mark where I will drill and cut away some sheet metal now
  3. | Scratch Build | Project:Nuclear Blast By LarssoN | Hello ! It´s time for me to come to the CaseMod/Case building world ^^ The plan and Shopping List for the case was in the begginning * So cheap as possible * Fan Controller * Buy Acrylic glass and perforated sheet * Buy WaterCooling * Black and red spray paint * Red diods * HDD cooler * Sleeve *Buy Phobya/Enermax (6-10 fans) *So quiet as possible * Buy 3x4pins to 3pin connector * 30cm Extender (3pin) _____ I started do the frame and under the time I looked and talked with my dad about my shooping list (I´m still going in Secondary school (i guess you call it so^^) My shooping list had go to 1000Swedish kronor($156) for my ALU (15x15mm .~12 meter long) and it was a big " " . I talked with my dad about this and I decide to remove watercooling from the list , because my dad dont work and I need my money for more inportant stuffs , anyway if i get enough with money for watercooling when my project is finnished i may get water cooling. So i bought BeQuiet DARK ROCK PRO and Scythe Himuro the day after that So I had too remove watercooling from my list. __ But enough with text .. Pictures now After i had fix the frame i took and compare it with my CoolerMaster HAF 912+. difference? Yesterday i got a large package from a store (unfortunately so did my camera broke i guess, so i dont have the picture longer ) BeQuiet DARK ROCK PRO , Schyte Himuro , Arctic MX-2, ArcticClean (cleaning kit) and some candy was in the package from the store^^. When i saw the CPU cooler box i just wanted to open it and install it on the motherboard. But my dad wanted to see how you do it , so i had to wait a few hours Boring box , but what is hiding in there? Ohhh , Thermal pad , manual and mounting brackets Well packaged Large cooler .. 1,5Kg The classic warning sign ^^ __ The cooler fit "perfect" in the case , 4mm to the side and it´s never go over 45°C ... Now can i at least hear footsteps better when im gaming ^^ ...its so .... quiet now Feel free to ask if you have some questions My english isnt the best , i gonna try my best too make my text easy to understand ^^ I gonna try update so much i can .. but school , soccer , hobbies etc are mostly in the way for the project The pictures are taking with 2 "stone age" cameras and with my Nokia N73 .. So its not so good quality on them ,, but i try do my best BRs LarssoN Sweden