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  1. Well, then i havd to disagree with you becouse after painting heatsinks temps are only few °c higher. So actualy there is no bad heating, few °c higher is not problem.
  2. Finally the project is finished. Here is some pics, enjoy
  3. After painting and some polishing i cut plexiglass and define logo position on side panel. Also i cut plexiglass hdd covers. And here is logo after engraving. First and test assembling.... Next update will be soon, i hope so, becouse i cant paint few more parts becouse cold weather outside :/
  4. After cutting and sanding I paint whole case and other parts with primer. After primer i paint case in black and coolers in white. I will use white fans and cable sleeve from MDPC-X
  5. I start with cuting plastic parts. Then i disassemble the case and start build hdd holder. I try home made case feets with rubber. I also cut side window and with this i finish work with cutting, sanding etc.
  6. Hello guys Here is my competition project based on RC690 case.