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  1. My 4 year old doughter "lost" the 4 plastic rivets to the fan attached to the 4 in 3 module. They are probably somewhere in our house. Does anybody know where I can get hold of any new? No shop in my neighborhood want to help me.
  2. My doughters case came with 2 airvents. But my own old case since last summer came with no airvents.
  3. My STC-T01 is equipped with this "intrusion detection" Bought it in December. I would never think of buying another Stacker than the Original.
  4. I think the original stacker is the "stacker of them all". It has plenty of room, possibility of BTX, two PSU's and NO DOOR that is in the way all the time. The 810 is only a budget version that ended up in nothing. The 830 is an expensive version of 810, stupid door and no Dual-PSU or BTX. I know that I have upset some people......sorry for that. This is at least my thoughts....
  5. Mindless Moron, thankyou for your answer. Think I stick with a 25mm fan. Any suggestions....
  6. What plastic things are you thinking of. Is it the plastic rivits that comes as standard? Or should I consider a different make?
  7. Just bought a stacker. Want to replace the existing 120mm fans in my 4in3 modules (2). I want the best possible coolingfans with lowest possible noiselevel. Are the ALU-fans a good choise or should a look at a brand name removed instead. Also...does the alufan fit since it is 38mm thick instead of 25?