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  1. Well The mail is send to CM...Good luck everyone and enjoy the Final pictures! Demo clip comming soon !!
  2. Another importend step in the build! Meet the external power and sound connector panel. Here is where the AC powercord wil be conected with a main on/off power switch. Also there is a stereo output and several mini jack connections that will be connected to the mainboard.
  3. In the meantime I painted the LG monitor's back panel WHITE to match the other colors, I will use the control button on a diferent place so it can bee reached beter...
  4. Here you see the top part without the opal acrylic band and lateron with the opal bands.
  5. Well here they are, the laser cutted acrylic parts!! The intention of these parts are to make a light band between the upper and lower part of the case a where the RGB leds shine thru when on ...As you can see in this videoclip. some pictures...
  6. BIG UPDATE !! Say hello the Tri-MAX new powdercoated color ! High quality powdercoating by Flexi Coatings THNX Guys...YOU ROCK ! NETX UPDATE....lasercut Acrylic parts
  7. Well all the parts are ready for powdercoating...But I am still not 100% sure abbout the color theme I am going to use?? I will surley use MSI hardware that are red/black colored. * WHITE body / RED acrylic ? * WHITE body / BLUE acrylic ? or * BLACK body / RED acrylic ? * Sugestions ?? Grtzzz MikeMaat
  8. WOW time flies wille having fun...It's abbout time for me to step on the gas here! (my way of working lol) In the mean time I made every hole in place, made the center console more like a motherborad tray and mounted the vesa mount on it to attach the monitor. As for now everything is ready for the powdercoating this week. Wat is still on the plan? *Lasercut the acrylic parts *Assamble the entiere Tri-MAX with all powerdercoated parts together with al te acrylic etc... *Get the hardware and watercooling parts from BitsPower !! *Put the hardware in place with all the watercooling parts. *Connect all the custom sleeved cables + RGB Lightning. *Triple check everything befoure the fotoshoot. I hope to get this all done in abbout 6 weeks (deadline end of april?) Enjoy the last pics before the powdercoating is on...BEY BEY naked allu Mounted the feets Cut the holes for the front connectors, mic, headphone, usb, PSU and VESA mount... Recognize these power/ reset button's ?? PSU mounting holes... Handle for the window panel... VESA mounting for monitor... Motherboard tray, with the cable managment holes and radiator shrouds... VESA mounting bracket THNX to LG they send me one for free
  9. Buzzy with pré assembling the panels to make sure I don't need to drill or cut annything annymore befoure I start powder coating! All panels are removable with torx screws (These will not be the screws I be using after the coating)
  10. Mike Petereyns


    verry nice build! Do you cut the acrylic yourself with home made cnc/ laser? Grtzz
  11. May i present you the first REAL pictures of the Tri-MAX !!
  12. Hi nice work, I assume you use a laser or cnc router to cut the pieces? Self made cnc ? I realy need one of those grtzzz
  13. Hey Alex thnx man, yess the entiere concept will be smaller and cheaper to build. The first plan was to use tree 4k 30" monitors but that would be to expencive and almost unpossible to feed with grapics power. So I cut dow the first plan and used a Ultra wide curved QHD monitor from LG Grtz MikeMaat