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  1. listen up guys, i`ve a feeling that RaptorFury may have mislayed these pics/docs/etc... sorry to let u down. but if RaptorFury is reading this, maybe he could put us all out of our misery. or probably not.
  2. hey thats sounds great RaptorFury, thanks for the reply & your help...
  3. P.S. oooppss nearly forgot the aquagate is supposed to replace a Jet 7+ (ACB-V83-U2), the reason being, is that it has to be constantly run at full speed even when the XP2600 is idle, overheating right from when i first fitted the unit.
  4. Hi all, here with my very first post, Just purchased a Mini Aquagate R80 kit for my XP2600 Proc, but I`ve only just found out that there are no holes on the mobo, ... has anyone managed to fit one of these units to a gigabyte GA7n400 pro2, or is my only answer to return the unit. I do have a ECS K7s5a mobo that does have holes but i am not to sure if its worth bothering considering its a 4 yr old XP2000 chip. Any sugestions would be very much appreciated... Sadsack