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  1. this picture is of the side panel that will be removable to access the motherboard. we stained the wood and sealed it with a shellac and sanded it down so that the poly would adhere to it and put the vinyl logo on it you wont be able to see any of the scratches you see in it now. we are putting the poly on it now and finishing up the edjes and the back of that piece will post more pics. sorry for the low rez the finish pics wont look like that
  2. sorry it took so long for any updates made some major modifications to how we were doing the bulid. we are still buliding it out of burch plywood and using an ebony stain insted of painting on the pow logo we decided to create the logo in vinal and poly over top of it to give the case a super smooth look and feel pictures will be up soon. going to put the poly on tomorrow will post pics of before and afters
  3. Yeah we are still around. We have just been busy with other obligations and scrapping ideas that turn out not right.
  4. Your going to have to just look around either online or see if there might be any place around you that would sell it. Metal work is definitely fun.
  5. Hey welcome and good luck seems to be alot of us having similar base material. Was not expecting that in the beginning. Hey if you wanted to use metal you dont need a cnc a steady hand with a dremel works wonders. Many tutorials on proper use of dremel too even ones geared towards computer mods.
  6. We got both side panels cut out just decided on the stain color of the case.
  7. Today we were able to lay out a few panels and start cutting wood. We ended up cannibalizing an old tower and power supply we had laying around to make few templates Hope you enjoy and happy building
  8. Photo above shows the wood, stain, clear, veneer, brush metal copper and brass, red and yellow paint. Don't know if we needed to show that much of the products being used but we did to be on the safe side. Please feel free to post comments on the bulid.
  9. This computer mod will be starting as two 4x4 sheets of birch plywood. The build in memory the hero's and their families who have fallen in the line of duty.
  10. We will be creating a computer case made from wood in remembrance of "The Fallen" who will never be forgotten.