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  1. Hello, Now im going to bring some more news!!! The case will have some updates soon, thats why it looks in this way =P The reservoir today had a good effect, like a tornado Now some new uptades to my rig!!! O YEAH!!! CORSAIR DOMINATOR 8GB Hope you like and we will get news soon, for XL PARTY IN PORTUGAL!!! The project Orange Line v2.0 is proudly sponsored by http://www.bitspower.com.tw/ Regards
  2. And there is the photos of the new material Just Amazing! Cheers
  3. Some nes guys! Orange Tube and the huge Koolance CPU-370 Later i will upload some photos
  4. Thanks my friends Probably it will be some updates, like a new block and tube changing...
  5. OK, so far is this Probably i will get another CPU Block now... And since this one is finished, maybe i will start a new one, but this time in a White case (need to get one first).... I hope you like the project, and sorry for posting the project in one time, but it took me alots of time to finished COOLER MASTER STACKER ON TOP!!!
  6. I will try to get another liquid Well Guys, probably this is the final of my project (but it will be some more news, like a new block a a new liquid more orange, like my sleeve)
  7. Hello guys, Some new update for my lady Lamptron FC5 V2 Wich color? Red or Amber? BACKPLATE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Thanks all m8's Yes, the backplate its hand-made by a store near me Now the final result!!! Today i got scared like :)! When i was filling the system, i saw that the res connector wasn't where it should be, and the liquid came out!! ALOT!!!! but its all fine now I like the performance of the SSD and the silent of it!! (SilentWings ROX!!!!) The tube is there, because my res have some litle bubbles and i want to remove it =P One thing i didn't like, its the liquid in the tube... it should be more orange!!! I will try to use another one in the next change!! When i got some time, i will post photos with the orange leds, and the painel =P Cheers
  8. a Little update ;D After a long conversation, i decided to change the tubes from (RES - RAD FRONT - PUMP - VGA - RAD TOP - CPU - RES), to ( RES - PUMP - RAD FRONT - VGA . . . .etc) The pics ;D a kind Closer Look
  9. Tha new TOP ARRIVED!!! I cant even notice that it was changed from a 200mm to a 240mm xD I love it!! the rad with 2 xigmatek fans!! The bitspower on the top, just improvised... Some news! The front radiator supports Now i need to paint the screws all by black ;D A little look on the hardware ;D That GREAT MDPC-X Sleeve!!! SO BEAUTIFUL *-* I love the Colors! So brightness... Pre-Cuted HeatSrhink for a better details ;D Painted rad supports, as well the rad now the bottom panel, with the hole Now some updates, the tube BITSPOWER FTW The BeQuiet fan xD Now it was sleeve time (With some help of my girlfriend that burned the fingers some times xD)
  10. Now for the WaterCoolign step, i just repainted my case again, now with black matte... Hello m8's I come with some more news !!! The new paint on the case! ;D a new update on the bottom to receive my pretty new girl! Some new hardware... the New Kingston HyperX H2O and my BEAUTIFUL GIRL! the new Be Quiet Dark Power Pro p9 750W *_* A bit bigger then the others ;D Gold girl!!! MY AM3+ MOTHERBOARD!!!! (YES IM THE FIRST HAVING IT!) A new huge update!!!! I must say, i'm very happy to be one of the first's guys having a AM3+ Board! Thanks ASRock!! a very well made package! Here the black socket, that means is a AM3+ board!!! ATI Logo? ;D
  11. ok guys, after some cable management, theres the result: My fans, Xigmatek, with orange led's Got some news guys!! Watch out what came out today!! What can be fragile like that?? A very good package... =OOOOOO There it is Hello, here we got some news!!!! BitsPower Compression Fittings 3/8 Now the connectors in my Reservoir Now the connectors on my CPU block, that unfortunately won't fix, because the space between the holes is insufficient... My 16/10 Black tube!! The EK 6870 Nickel + Acetal Block that i love so much!! Alphacool Universal MotherBoard Block 2 Rads 240mm, one from Phobya, and another from Alphacool I have to say that i love this LOGO!!! Today i just tried to use the liquid in my res, and theres the result: Without neon: With Neon: An Update guys! Some 45º's, 90's, and O-rings. Orange O-Rings The 45's and 90's connectors: As you see, now i can install the connectors on my block!!! i'm happy urrrrrrrrraaaaaaaa Now the real PC at the moment (case on cuts)
  12. Hello, i just finished my modding project last week, but now i will explain what is is... So, Pasting my pics from another forums we got: "Hello, im going to present myselft, im Ricardo, and im 19 years old, from Portugal. HARDWARE: CPU: Phenom II x4 955 MainBoard: Asus M4A785TD-V EVO GPU: Sapphire 6870 RAM: 4GB RipJaw DDR3 PSU: OCZ SthealXStream 600W HD: Samsung F3 500GB Case: Cooler Master Stacker 810 Water Cooling: CPU block: Alphacool YellowStone Y/R/S Pump: Alphacool 665 Liquid: Feser One - F1 - Orange UV Reservoir: FrozenQ Liquid Fusion 250mm Amber Rad: 240mm Phobya & 240mm Kollance GPU block: EK-6870 Acetal + nickel Tubing: Black and Clear 16/10mm Connectors: Bitspower 3/8 for 5/8 Compression Black Matte Cooler Master Stacker 810... Before: http://global.coolermaster.com/products/product.php?act=detail&id=13 At this moment the Case, already got a cut on the side painel... theres a pics of the side and fron painel Now, all painted... THA BIG THOR's HAMMER!!! Everything on is place Leds OFF Leds ON Now theres a small plate, to hide the PSU cables, painted on black... NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theres my new update My GirlFriend gift: "