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  1. Hello everyone, some small update I finally managed to get two big holes for the pomps I've also added dust filter on every fan, in order to clean easily I finally got my tygoon tubing, and believe me it's a must have I've also received my fan regulator, I love it Next step, lightening :D
  2. Update: The acrylic part First my avatar Final result And placed Next, the interior Check if it fits with the mobo, and it does Covered with white carbon fibre vinyl cutting holes re testing everything Some carbon fibre And done 24 pin sleeved put all the components back Some more pics C ya soon for more update
  3. Update Before talking about the acrylic, let me show you what I've done with my SSDs and side panel I've decided to put the SSDs in the hot swap , using the HDD holders and put all together I found those stuff that gonna be handy for the cable management The side panel now, cut and prepared for painting a pics with and without flash Having a lot of red on my mobo, I decided to add some Red sleeving next step the acrylic
  4. update I finnally managed to fix both rads, 360 in the bottom part and a 280 in the top part the reservoir won't be fixed but only maintained by the tubing When I started the project, I was planning to link the pumps to the rad like this, but I changed my mind, u'll see why later on Installation of all the components to check if it fits properly and it does so far I've also put the smll HDD cage from the bottom part and fixed it instead of the bigger one I've also made a hole between the two parts And put this fitting Made some space for the cable management Putting back the components The 140 fractal fans on the rad The 1st GPU Koolance 13/19 fittings ( I love it) installation of the tubing, wasn't that hard the temporary result, kind like it First swithch on, love the red led on the mobo with the small ROG logo Next step the acrylic
  5. 1st and 2nd step, Painting & sleeving finishing first the preparation of all the plastics that gonna be painted I've also installed 5 fans 2 Akasa white LED 2 artic and one fractal 140 mm I've also finished the sleeving of the case My ceramic knife, a must have for modding purpose Sata heatshrink Final result I've also tackled the case to put a 360 rad in the bottom part helping my self with a dremel A rad mount integration Of the rad installation of the PSU and it fits perfectly Still have some room to do a push/pull Installation of the mobo to cut the case for some cable management Finished the painting and here is the result Hope you all like the result, stay tuned for more
  6. Good morning everyone, Here is my current worklog for the 2012 competition based on a CM COSMOS II Hardware: Mobo: Asus Rampage 4 Formula CPU: Intel I7 3930 RAM: 4X4 Go Corsair Vengeance LP PSU: CM 1200 w Silent Glod GPU: SLI MSI 680 GTX HDD & SSD: Raid 0 Corsaire GT 2X 2TO seagate for storage CPU and GPUs will be watercooled Let's start As soon as I got it, I had to dissembled everything and it took me 15 mn en 15mn What's left I have divided the work log in different steps and they are as follow : 1st step, Painting 2nd step, sleeving 3rd step the acrylic 4th step , watercooling 5th step: the finishing I recieved the first parcel for the mod
  7. Thanks a lot for your comment I really appriciate it , I have been thinking to dot it for years and I started it last summer and it was a lot of fun For the color, my little daughter choose it she's 3 years old, I kind like it as well and as you said it's a personal preference. which fans you don't like the Gentel thyphoon or the CM excalibur , both are great in performance and it's true the excalibur are quite noisy but I have added a shyte fan controller and I ordred another one have fun building your rig and post a lot of pics :D
  8. Hey guys Got new fan for my case and put the led strips as well as some cable management, but still waiting for my gpu
  9. Hi all, me again after a long break, I'm back again with the mod So I finally mounted the waterblock and mount everything on the case I had to put the reservoir down to make some room for the GPU and I'm waiting for the new one I also changed the RAM, I bought the Corsair Dominator GT (much better :D ) I finally put the vandal on the façade as well A huge plexi window And painted a plexi in black to close the water case That's it for today, I ordered new fans for the case I should get them today (hopefully) I'm waiting for your comments and criticisms
  10. Here I'm mounting the rad and the reservoir, I'm done with the rad but facing trouble with the plexi
  11. I finally got my kit and here it is I decided to put more effort on the pics I'll be posting (at least I'm trying), so please any criticisms is more than welcome and here is the result: What do you think zbout the new logos ( critics please)
  12. Hello guys problem solved here are the pics I took some pics this afternoon, I'm almost done still have to wait for some parts to finish the I sawped the 140 mm fans with the 120s and put them on the top I also fixed the plexi and the PSU in the back using MDPC snap caps it's a must have Some cables management in the back And that's it for today, I will do the side panels tomorrow
  13. Hi guys, new pics, I've been trying to mount all the parts to check if everything work perfectly and it does apart for the CPU cables (too short) so I have to think about a solution (any idea is welcome) as well as the sata cable management. So here it is enjoy
  14. hi guys, me again with more pics here are some test I'm doing to have an idea of the lenght of the PCI cables and it looks great :D By the way I really don't know where to put my vandal button, i don't want to mess with the front facade, so any idea will be more than welcomed Finishing painting some other parts Stay posted for more :D