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  1. Hardware fit test time Fits well , maybe this will not be the final configuration , but is good for testing.
  2. Its time to cut some metal. As you see in the previous images , the back panel and the motherboard support must be removed . At the end , the hole is a lot bigger than I though it will be. A new back panel and mothertray in aluminium Fits very well , the case is very small
  3. Hola Papang , I´m glad to read you , thx for the support and the luck wishes , I will need all that I can get LOL. I´m very happy to be between all this mod-masters-monsters , this contest will be a pleasure for the eyes. When will you start your worklog ? I´m anxious to see your project !!!
  4. Hi , My mod will be a low budget project , so I will try to use more brain than money . , so everything you see in this project was hand made by myself. I´m in the scratch Build category , starting from an very old horizontal case , giving to it a new-modern look , some serious but not boring style . I will introduce a couple of details to make it more interesting (innovations at least for me ) I hope you like it. This is a thematic mod , inspired in the Obsidian stone (also know as volcanic glass ) Introducing the victim See you soon
  5. Hi everybody , I´m here with my modest project from Argentina , I´m happy to be in this great competition !!!!! Good luck to all , have fun in the process !!!!!