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  1. Ahhh, the Cosmos S, a great canvas for a project. I saw a couple of great mods from this case in 2009, and know we have to see what you have planned for this one. Best of luck! Cheers and Saludos
  2. Aha Frenkie, you have a jump start on all of us, but I figured that you were preparing for the contest (how did you know back then? ). Nice moves with the acrylic and the sponge. Something else learned. Cheers and Saludos
  3. Hola Mas! Will be watching what you have planned for the haf, especially since you have already done one (a 922). Like Shiryu says, it is going to be a wild ride! Best of luck! Cheers and Saludos
  4. Well, you have your "before" pic, hehe. Lets see what you have planned. Best of luck! Cheers and Saludos
  5. Hola MaaB, Así es, el foro es en ingles y deberías tratar de elaborar tu agenda de trabajo en ese idioma ya que cuenta mucho en este concurso. Sugiero que algún pariente o colega te ayude con la traducción como lo han hecho algunos concursantes de Brasil por ejemplo en los concursos pasados. A la vez los jueces no podrán evaluar la hechura de tu proyecto si no entienden español así como mucho de tus potenciales votantes en la parte popular, lo cual te pondría en desventaja. Con la competencia que hay, debes de echar mano a todos los recursos que puedes para salir adelante. Claro, es mi sugerencia, repito. Por cierto, yo soy de México y ya he competido. Your project looks very promising and interesting but what I can't quite figure is how are you going to do all that with your CM case, so I will be following your mod with great interest. Best of luck! Cheers and Saludos
  6. Hola Modscases! It will interesting to see what you do with this great case. Are you going to theme it with what I have seen before or are you going to do something different? Will be waiting for your updates and hope you find your camera cuz the images with the cell are fuzzy. Cheers and Saludos
  7. Ah, love the mobo shield and the stealth dvd cover on the front. Very hot glow effects of the green acrylic and lighting. Makes one want to see more! Cheers and Saludos
  8. Hola Mpovh! Glad to see again and glad to see you are modding a CM case this time. I will be good to see what you can do to the Haf because it is not exactly what you have done before so it will be a challenge to give it that clean look you always look for. Will be waiting to see what you come up with. Cheers and Saludos
  9. Yes, sort of a new nick but I could not sign in with my old one so I had to re-register. I had to change everything a little so it wouldn't report that something was "in use"....go figure. Sharp eye and great memory BTW, hehe. Not participate? Any of your "Levels" would give anything a run for their money in the scratches altho I know you would prefer to start something with a CM case, being a sort of stickler for "doing the right thing" which sort of affects me too. It would be sad if you didn't give it a shot since this event appears to be only every other year. It pains me to say this but the one that will be in doubt is me for this year, I have a long term visit which means no modding (rather serious stuff) while she is here. I'll tell you later. Atleast I would like to cheer on one of the greats.
  10. Howdy Jeffrey, Hope to see something smashing like Mission, 2009's category winner. Will be seeing your log progress and see what else I can learn from you, hehe. Always so interesting and revealing. Cheers and Saludos
  11. Sooo glad to see a new contest this year and great to see some familiar faces and some new ones too! So it appears that it is looking to be an every two year event but great anyway. Just builds up more anticipation for the next one. Great to see one of the past "CMSCMC" members alive and kicking (for those not in the know it means the "Cooler Master Senior Citizens Modding Club"). Yup, we can still open a can of kick-butt yet, haha! So sad though that it should start so early in the year, truth being that a lot of us were expecting it to take place in the second half of the year. Anyways, let's see what can be done. Kudos for the effort, persistence and loyalty to fans! Cheers and Saludos