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  1. I like what you did with your Stacker 830 really a great looking MOD!! Ive got the same case It is the CSX Design Gargoyle paint Scheme and been considering redoing the whole thing! I love the case but not real keen on the Gargoyle Paint Scheme but I was lucky enough to win it so I plan on doing an overall paint job on it! I also have considered removing the front door panel so I was glad to see you had had the same idea its an awesome look! Very Nice mod for sure!
  2. I love the Titanium! Love the Stryker and plan on getting it! Going to sell off some parts to do what ever I got to do to get one! I have 3 CoolerMaster cases now but I just got to have the Stryker! Great Job on the Titanium it it an amazing work of ART!
  3. This work log is nothing short of inspiring! keep up the good work Im definatly going to follow! Wow is all I can say!
  4. Ive got an Enforcer and interested in instaling a 200 mm Red fan on the Top could you give me the part number for that fan?
  5. Thats going to be epic you have put a lot of thought and time into this and the end result cant be anything less than GREAT! Good luck looking forward to your progess and the end result! Thanks also you have given me an idea using the cardboard cut out templates which I dont know why I did not think of it in the 1st place but I can use that idea toward future Mods on my CoolerMaster cases! Have fun!