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  1. just wanted to say thanks to everyone who followed the forum and that this was an amazing experience. as a first time modder, i can say that its tough. people put lots of effort into their cases, and there are so many good ones out there. take your time considering who to vote for, but please. keep my case and my effort in mind. ------GOOD LUCK TO ALL MODDERS ------
  2. last pic Note: the Monitor, Mouse, and keyboard are all temporary until we switch this tower with the tower in my current setup. P.S. The monitor wieghs approx. 20 pounds.
  3. FINISHED THE PC!! YAY!! i will be uploading some pics spread out over a few posts
  4. just staking a claim here so i can more easily check for updates! ps: if you dont mind bod, could you check out my log and tell me what you think?
  5. eeGot some internals from Fry's! Mobo: Gigabyte M68MT-S2P CPU: AMD AthalonII X4 RAM: XMS3 4gb HDD: Western Digital 1.5 TB CD Drive: Asus 24x CPU Cooler: Cooler master Hyper 101
  6. i love the fact that you used lego bionicle pieces in the intake!
  7. hey bill! your case looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!1 Ive reinvented my design, and was wondering (if its not too much trouble) if you could head over and checkit out?? cheers, BB=HKC= p.s. im not british i just like words like cheers and dodgy
  8. Got quite a bit done today, all thats left is: 1. Window and logos on window, 2. internals 3.perepherals(pretty sure i spelled that wrong) such as monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard, headset 4.os installment Here's some pics from today
  9. yah, and thats what it looks like when its CLEAN. lol we've been working on R/C Planes recently so thats the big (6') red wing in the background. the blue one thats hanging is a Control Line plane
  10. cut the window for the side panel today,(my dad did the power tools), and heres some pics
  11. BAD-A COMPUTER IS BAD-A AND WIN AND AWESOME AND PROBABLY BETTER THAN MY BRINK CONCEPT PC. BTW you should check out my Worklog and tell me what you think
  12. Heres a picture of a switch for the lights on front and usb bay for wireless usb
  13. After considering the difficulty of build and limited space on the 300's front bezel, ive drawn up another plan. this one is based on the video game by splash damage called BRINK. check out the game at >>>>PLEASE VOTE ON WHICH CASE YOU LIKE MOST<<<<