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  1. Link to my blog about the project
  2. Here you have the final photos of the project
  3. It is very useful for designers to have components with exact measurements in the public gallery. For my designs I use these components downloaded Cooler Master
  4. A Mod created with 3D modeling software, Google SketchUp, extracted from a real organic model "Bufo viridis." Laser Cut Steel reaches dimensions of 470x570x470 mm. Computer based on a fully operational mini ITX Motherboard ... CROAC. is an active technological sculpture. Steel + Artificial Intelligence. Link to online display 3D and video From design to construction, giving life to organic steel
  5. Excellent work, I come from the industry and I see the difficulty. for me the best .. greetings artist
  6. Mod Mosca V.01 - Modding by MaaB Modding project 2012 are two identical units " Mod Mosca V.01 ". Designed and developed with 3D modeling software. Laser cut parts in stainless steel. Hardware based Mini ITX motherboard, dimensions 650 x 620 x 310 mm. Is organic simulation, with a computer in the bowels. My projects Video test run Animation Design Technical data of the project Shared design drawings Metal assembly
  7. Excelente trabajo, lo mejor que he visto con diferencias... Excellent work, best I've seen differences ...
  8. In this picture we can see the front of the box and behind the chassis painted red and located in diamond ... p?u=21&c=1
  9. Panoramic view and Video ... g=1&sec=pn GRUMM ya es totalmente funcional y se mueve por las Lan party de España GRUMM is now fully functional and moves by the Lan Party of Spain
  10. Gracias Alex.. Decir que, he visto muy buenos trabajos el nivel está muy alto Thanks Alex .. Saying that, I have seen very good work is very high level
  11. Summary of videos and links VIDEO PHOTOGRAPHY ... 8ce274f348 ... g=1&sec=pn DESIGN ... ba&ct=mdsa INSPIRATION Un Saludo... MaaB
  12. GRUMM - Total Control Wireless Rear
  13. GRUMM - Fully functioning asset
  14. GRUMM - Exploded ready to be assembled
  15. Ensamblado general de GRUMM General assembly and function verifación
  16. GRUMM en su primera LanParty GRUMM in its first LanParty
  17. Primeras pruebas de activación de GRUMM Early activation tests
  18. Diseño completo del endoesqueleto de GRUMM Complete design of the endoskeleton ... revstart=0
  19. Veo que también utilizas Sketchup. Excelente programa. Tu forma de trabajo es relativamente parecida a la mía, yo no concibo un proyecto sin un diseño previo.. he subido todo el endoesqueleto de GRUMM a la biblioteca de google Saludos. un buen trabajo
  20. USB Eight Channel Relay Board for Automation - 12 V
  21. Nueva entrega de la evolución de GRUMM New delivery of evolution GRUMM