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  1. Still waiting for parts. Will not use the lasercutted parts, already made something different: Little video (still waiting for the corect coloured leds):
  2. What kind of colour is that? Because mine is more black.
  3. Nice to see you here to Mao. But please, resize those pictures .
  4. Nice project. But i want to advise you to resize your photo's before you upload them. This forum does not got an auto resize feature, so most of your photo's are not completely visible.
  5. Wow, that's amazing. You really got some skills bro.
  6. Looking really nice. What program did you ose for that sketch, if i may ask?
  7. Looks real nice, really am curious how the brush signal transfers are going to work. Also, don't apologize for your English, it's quite well . Will follow your build. Keep up the good work!
  8. Seems to be a nice project, really looking forwward for updates.
  9. Thanks Meelobee. The design for the ssd / radiator holder (click for larger ones): The inner tube (were the ssd's are mounted) are going to be frosted clear plexiglass. And there will be some led effects mounted . Did gave it some Photoshop sauce offcourse
  10. Thanks mate, doing the best i can. Also made a design for the ssd / radiator tower, which is a all-in one support bracket. It goes from the bottom of the case al the way up to the radiator. Designed it in sketchup and send it to my lasercutter. Materials are clear, blue and black plexiglass. In total, there are 63 parts, so it's going to be a nice puzzle. To bad my lasercutter is still on holiday till the end of August, but he did deserved it.
  11. Really want to see what you have created Paul, looked at your earlier mods and they are splendid creations. Keep up the good modding guys.
  12. That looks very nice. Did you made those glassplates yourself? Or can you give me some more information about this design? They look quite slick.
  13. Mounted the plexiglass windows and the vfd display. My apologies for the bad quality photo's, didn't got the right camera yet. Also tested the display (in the first video i forgot to start the equalizer plugin in WinAmp ): Still to do: - Bracket for radiator and ssd's, - Cable managment / sleeving, - Make new custom ledstrips (with or without ),- Make more photo's and movies, - Pet our ,- ..... By the way, comments are always very welcome.