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  1. Thank you guys pcjunkie209 , PaPang and FrenkieNL Your words mean a lot to me and lead me to keep work and do more.
  2. Thanks stereo55 wish all friends to vote if like the work
  3. Time Time Time, I got no time to finish the work as I want No time to Airbrush so using a special coated vinyl with my design The Cosmos heavy metal with orange coat The black side looks good but it'll be cool and here we go ..........
  4. Hi every one, This is my first time to join a modding competition. I have more then idea but duo the situation in Egypt I can't get all parts I need, So I think in clean and simple mod. And the first thing that came in my mind Crysis !! so what ? move one and start work in project "CRYSIS" I tried hard to get sponsored to get all parts I need but with out no luck (no one accept), So I pay for all part beside using old ones. CASE: Cooler Master Cosmos S CPU: Intel® C2D E8400 MOTHERBOARD: EVGA 780i SLI MEMORY: OCZ 2x2 Gold HARD DISK: Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB VIDEO CARD: EVGA GTS 450 SC x2 POWER SUPPLY: Cougar CM 700w COOLING: Bitfenix Spectre Led Fan orange x5 Aerocool V12XT Fan Controller OCZ XTC 2 memory cooler The mean use for this system is folding (F@H Project) 24/7 , So I need a good airflow in the case, cause of that I choose the monster Cosmos S. I wish to got Cooler Master V6GT. Lets stop talking and forward to work taking of all parts Black interior