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  1. I realize it's Volt * Amp = Watts, but what my mate said is that Peak Watts/Efficiency = The max watts the PSU can handle at any one time. I didn't get most of what you said, apart from what I already know - I just want to know the Peak Power and Efficiency, I know what's good and bad.
  2. ... &sid=14881 This is the product I'm planning to buy for a birthday gift, although I've been getting wary over power supplies - as many of mine (most generic PSUs) have fried, despite that they claim to be able to handle it. So, friends have told me to ask for the peak power and the efficiency of this power supply - and that if I divide the, I'll get the wattage that the PSU can take at any one time. So, if anyone here can tell me the peak power/wattage and the efficiency I'd appreciate it.