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    [FINISH] Rainbow SIX modding

    Hello friends, coming back with another project, this using the theme based on the game Rainbow Six Siege I want to thank my sponsors, Cooler Master Brazil, Gigabyte Brazil and MakersBR for the support. Coolermaster MasterBox 5 Coolermaster Seidon 120V Coolermaster G750-M Semi-modular series Gigabyte Z97M-D3H Now let's go to the pictures:
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    [FINISH] Rainbow SIX modding

    and finish:
  3. Rodrigo Vicentini

    [FINISH] Rainbow SIX modding

    more update: e uma folga q ficou por erro meu de calculo: [doublepost=1485397536][/doublepost]detalhes da frente: tenho que passar o resto das fotos do cel pro PC, logo mais eu posto o resto =D valeu galera =D mt obrigado pela atenção
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    [FINISH] Rainbow SIX modding

    I bought the screws, but I found it too heavy and difficult to cut, so I decided to use the make it yours
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    [FINISH] Rainbow SIX modding

    Making a new window to cover the old
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    Stranger Mod

    I predict a great job
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    "Chrono Master" - project

    this is a great work dude =D
  8. Hello friends, I am here to present my new project :up: in partnership with Cooler Master South America : up::up::up: for this project I will use a chassis CM Storm Scout 2, which is very beautiful. and the theme will be : some pics: The chassis: PSU: fans xtraflo 120mm red: :lol2: Cooler X6 Elite: the theme of this mod will be the LP The Wall, the band pink floyd :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: I will updating here with news, questions, criticisms are welcome =)=)=)=)
  9. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Storm Scout 2 - Project The Wall - NEWS Cooler mod 13/01

    construction of the slide panel and destruction after my dog ​​trying to sniff the piece not photographed the painting, first because I was with a dirty hand paint: P and second because I would not put my camera in a place full of ink particles. that it is assembled without the front and the top:
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    Storm Scout 2 - Project The Wall - NEWS Cooler mod 13/01

    =D nice song =D tkd dude now more pics xD face as was once finalized, but unfortunately it does not fit into the case, got his nose out the window = ( FAIL :weep: for a mistake she got bigger and not fit in cooler :facepalm: and the hammers
  11. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Storm Scout 2 - Project The Wall - NEWS Cooler mod 13/01

    a small change in cooler X6 elite. and let the wax =D what they are thinking?
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    [MNPCTech] Project: Rebel Alliance CMII

    nice work =D
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    SNIPER -Military Paints-

    nice painting dude
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    L3p AlCu

    Wow, another beautiful work, was very small case = D great job
  15. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Storm Scout 2 - Project The Wall - NEWS Cooler mod 13/01

    no coments some images of how the painting is getting =D PS.: Not me who is doing the painting
  16. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Welcome to Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition!

    congratulations to the winners could post a picture of the projects here, is hard to find the post of the winning projects
  17. Rodrigo Vicentini

    SERAPH (scratch build )

    reading your topic I had many many things to talk about, but the last page I was speechless, my congratulations your work is spectacular
  18. Nice work dude, this painting was beautiful, this year will be difficult to choose who to vote...
  19. great case Justin what are the next steps? and where are the pictures of his sister hahahauahua good luck
  20. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Tribal's Case = Update of Christmas xD p. 4 and 5

    open door and fastened: closed door and fastened: I set up the case for seeing how it would be, but I noticed an unevenness between the front and the foot, then I put a piece of acrylic of 3mm to compensate this. after cutting I had to do some adjustments with acrylic resin to fit perfectly. everything finished and sanded, the holes of VUs also done already. I didn't like holes as they were, then I decided to tilt the angles, the result was good, taking into account that I made everything only with the dremel: Test with VUs in the places: :dremel: some pictures of the front general vision:
  21. Hi friends, I am a Modder of Brazil, and decided to place my project you to comment here what they had found of it, good you criticize and suggestions are accepted (forgives my poor English :duh: ) Description of the Cabinet: Cabinet Upson Up179 - Model Mercedes SLK Standard tower ATX Black with details in silver Covers with lateral openings Dimensions: 185 X 445 X 416mm (Width X Depth X Height) original case: Here I it drew in the window, using adhesive ribbon and drawing in the same hand, I preferred to draw the hand and not you print the drawing. This drawing was based I projects of the Mnpctech (that it made an excellent work in the HELLBOUND :thumb: ). another lateral window, this drawing also was found in the InterNet, but I do not know to who I belong, I found that this drawing would be very well inside of the subject of my project: tribal :dremel:
  22. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Tribal's Case = Update of Christmas xD p. 4 and 5

    fastening the hinges of the door: as it will be, it is very well hidden. I will use those buttons with magnet used in bags: D the door is well locked. fastening one of the parts in front of the case. and making some adjustments fastening the magnet in the door of the case, I glued him with acrylic:
  23. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Tribal's Case = Update of Christmas xD p. 4 and 5

    here the mold in plaster of the skull, I don't have picture later without wax because it finished the battery of the camera acrylic to do the tribal of the foot of the cabinet: D and the finish to be very aligned with the drawing of the foot. here the form of the front door of the case: the skull already ready: here pictures of the front and front door mounted:
  24. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Tribal's Case = Update of Christmas xD p. 4 and 5

    I had made a front different from this, but I committed a mistake when trying to do the mold in plaster, then I decided to change the front drawing, I think this was better. here and my work place, very tight refazendo o trabalho todo here a picture of as it was the course, a ready side and the other almost finishing, that after some 3 hours general vision of the whole thing (sentence without any sense heehehe) good the part of the wax is finished, now we will make the negative form of this whole wax. here and as I decided to do, I divided the front in 4 parts, my previous mistake went to try to do everything at once the front didn't simply leave the plaster, I had to break everything. of this it sorts things out that I did leaves perfectly.
  25. Rodrigo Vicentini

    Tribal's Case = Update of Christmas xD p. 4 and 5

    Jader França tks dude. I had to close the old hole of PSU, then I decided to do a new cut (mini-cut to be more exact hehehe), the problem and that I only had a single disk to cut, I thought it would not get, result: