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  1. more update: e uma folga q ficou por erro meu de calculo: [doublepost=1485397536][/doublepost]detalhes da frente: tenho que passar o resto das fotos do cel pro PC, logo mais eu posto o resto =D valeu galera =D mt obrigado pela atenção
  2. I bought the screws, but I found it too heavy and difficult to cut, so I decided to use the make it yours
  3. Hello friends, coming back with another project, this using the theme based on the game Rainbow Six Siege I want to thank my sponsors, Cooler Master Brazil, Gigabyte Brazil and MakersBR for the support. Coolermaster MasterBox 5 Coolermaster Seidon 120V Coolermaster G750-M Semi-modular series Gigabyte Z97M-D3H Now let's go to the pictures:
  4. construction of the slide panel and destruction after my dog ​​trying to sniff the piece not photographed the painting, first because I was with a dirty hand paint: P and second because I would not put my camera in a place full of ink particles. that it is assembled without the front and the top:
  5. =D nice song =D tkd dude now more pics xD face as was once finalized, but unfortunately it does not fit into the case, got his nose out the window = ( FAIL :weep: for a mistake she got bigger and not fit in cooler :facepalm: and the hammers
  6. a small change in cooler X6 elite. and let the wax =D what they are thinking?
  7. Wow, another beautiful work, was very small case = D great job
  8. no coments some images of how the painting is getting =D PS.: Not me who is doing the painting
  9. Hello friends, I am here to present my new project :up: in partnership with Cooler Master South America : up::up::up: for this project I will use a chassis CM Storm Scout 2, which is very beautiful. and the theme will be : some pics: The chassis: PSU: fans xtraflo 120mm red: :lol2: Cooler X6 Elite: the theme of this mod will be the LP The Wall, the band pink floyd :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: I will updating here with news, questions, criticisms are welcome =)=)=)=)