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  1. CM is making publicity for the 830 on their website with slogals like " Luxurious Reward for our Prestigious Stacker 830 owners" Even further they'll tell you "The earlier you participate, the bigger chance you get! What are you waiting for?" I AM WAITING FOR THIS CASE TO BE AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA, that is what I'm waiting for! How can we ever participate in this "Premium Lucky Draw" when the case is not available for everyone? Is this fair then
  2. Being a bit of an "advocate from the devil" here Looking at the 810 with its twelve 5.25" drive bays, the whole range of modding posibilities, and all its other great features ... why should we "replace" this case for the brand new 830 model
  3. Great case and setup ... I'm just wondering how long we have to wait to get this beauty in South Africa