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    door hinges

    i emailed the address you gave me a few days ago, but no response yet. how long does it usually take for them to respond?
  2. bry1987

    door hinges

    thanks, i appreciate the help
  3. bry1987

    door hinges

    any help at all would be great.
  4. bry1987

    door hinges

    i just bought the black stacker 830 and upon trying to switch the way the front door opens, the plastic hinges snapped...both of them. is there anyway i can just buy the two hinges instead of replacing the door? oh and this is revision 2 stacker 830
  5. glad everything worked out for ya tijean. i considered requesting a new i/o panel, but i didnt want to take it all apart and put it back together again. besides, you can barely see them from 5ft away
  6. i would never buy a product that i didnt look over to see if it had any technical flaws and whatnot. i knew i was taking a risk when buying my stacker 830, but to me it was well worth it. i understand youre frustrated that your particular stacker 830 case had several flaws, but the world as we know it isnt perfect man...its good that you took the initiative to search for reviews on this case for flaws, but did you come to the cooler master forums and take a gander here upon purchasing? and its not perfectly normal to go to the hardware store and buy a metal file, i was just giving you a simple solution. as for the pci rivets, i did not break them off completely...i just broke off one side of each rivet and bent it back to allow it to give when i dropped my peripherals in. them as in the forum community?
  7. my stacker 830 also had a few blemishes on the top of the i/o panel but that didnt bother me too much. i also had a problem installing my antec neo 550 with the psu bracket. i simply visited my local hardware store, bought a metal file, and filed down the corner that was interfering with the alignment. as for the motherboard tray and the pci issue...i decided to pass on having to wait to install my gear into this case bc i was so excited and just took a flathead screw driver and broke the little rivets on one side so that i could bend them out and drop my cards in with no problem, which worked just fine, and you dont see them so who cares? as for the sidepanels, yes, they are a little difficult to remove, but once you work at it a little it becomes quite easy to get them off. i dont have the problem with the door scratching the i/o panel though, so i dont have a solution for that. and where did you buy this case for 300 bucks????? i got mine for 230 plus a mail-in rebate so i actually spent 200.
  8. i think i have a solution as to why you dont! gotta think about this one for a sec *meditates* ah yes! watercooling...that must be it
  9. when filing/sanding it down...that all depends on where the eject button is on the bezel correct? i probably wont do this until i get my fans and hd cage on tues. on some of the images ive seen on these forums, it looks like people removed the front bezel and just slapped on the mesh piece; is that an alternative?
  10. i have seen on many of the mods here people stealth their optical drives and since then ive been wanting to stealth my two optical drives on my stacker 830. now, i think i have a pretty good idea of how to go about such a thing, but i wanted to make sure before i messed anything up because i have a tendency to do that. correct me if im wrong, but i would assume you have to cut off the clips on the mesh drive covers on the case and then attach the piece to a drive somehow; maybe using heavy duty glue or double sided tape?
  11. yea the colored cathodes are, but the uv's are not. simply bc they are ultraviolet so w/e, im still going to use them.
  12. i also think the tubes i have may be sharkoon, just judging by the design of the light with the cube ends on em. i bought them from frozencpu (so i get could em sleeved ) and it didnt say who the manufacturer was
  13. my hats off to you man. itd probably take me forever to work up the motivation to do something like this, let alone have the skill to rewire stuff like you have been. i think the case looks sweet with the "lightningflamethings" fantastic job
  14. it got to 84C when i had my hardware in my wavemaster playing counter strike source with graphics maxed out 4x aa and 16x as on 1680x1050 resolution, its been a lot better since i got the stacker 830, i just ordered 3 more fans for it the other day (another for front, replace rear, and one for top) along with a hard drive cage for the second intake fan bc i think the fan bracket in the front looks retarded so hopefully that will help i can hold my uv tubes in my hand, its not like it burns me when i touch them, i just thought the cold cathode meant they emitted "coolness" (temp wise), but as someone stated earlier that was not the case...thats ok though, ill probably still use em once i get my new fans. i also considered getting the sunbeam lightbus to cut down on the amount of wires i would have to deal with having 4 uv ccfl in my case, any suggestions other than that? it looked pretty decent to me
  15. i understand that its normal for a light to get warm and all that, duh a light bulb does...but i didnt think my uv tubes would get to the point where it was almost hot to the touch (part of the reason my computer was hitting 84C in my wavemaster lol) so i took them out. i might use them again depending on when i get enough cash for a new video card bc my bfg 6800 ultra oc runs hot so the uv tubes just add to the heat
  16. i posted this on the "anything goes" forum, but i thought itd be better here since lighting is sort of a mod... anyway i bought some uv tubes for my case and upon purchasing my 12 inch "cold cathode" ultra bright uv tubes, i assumed they would be well...cold. not like ice cold, but cool. however they actually put out a significant amount of heat and i was wondering if all uv cathode tubes produce heat and not cool temps like regular cathode lights.
  17. same here. i almost rma'ed my 830 bc of some blemishes on the i/o panel, but i was too excited to send it back, and they arent that severe. if you can send those instructions my way thatd be awesome! ive also been wondering if it was possible to take the i/o panel to a place and get it made out of aluminum so that it runs with the rest of the case.
  18. lemme know if you get that setup to work out, ive been wanting to try out watercooling for some time.
  19. my main reason for getting a second 4 in 3 module was so that i could have another led fan intake without having to use one of the fan brackets because i personally think the fan bracket on the front of the stacker looks a little dumb, but i could just buy one of the led fans. i must say i am also highly impressed with how quiet this case is. considering that it has so many openings and what not. my wavemaster sounded like a jet engine, and now i think for the first time since i built my first pc i can actually hear my hdd and cd drives search lol
  20. i got about 13 inches wide and about 14 inches tall...someone correct me if im wrong as for the distance between the cards its about an inch and a half to 2 inches...i popped out one of the fan brackets to measure the distance so my perspective was off a little.
  21. any links or info would do well thanks
  22. i was wondering where i could purchase the 4 in 3 device for the stacker 830. ive seen the cages for the old stacker, but i cant seem to find the new one. and i dont know if people have found ways to make their pci/pci-e/agp cards to fall correctly into the slot, but i simply took a flathead screwdriver and bent the little slits until they snaped and then bent them back into place and all my card simply dropped down. its not the best way to fix the problem, but it worked for i dont plan on getting rid of this case anytime soon
  23. yea i thought about it, and i may do that on top of removing the front usb...but im gonna be getting a dell 20 inch widescreen monitor and its got usb ports on the monitor so that should cover me for front usb and ill need to save up some cash, because if i get a window case then im goin all out on the interior, im gonna make it look insane...with blue glow of course
  24. how bad? just a little hum or unbearably noisy?
  25. ahh YES!!!! thankyou!! the little black cover thing for the fan is what i needed. thanks again