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  1. Ripping the case LOL []s
  2. Very little update.. No time this weekend to do something more.. I'm actually preparing the acrylic Regards
  3. BFG 8800GTX @ home N3RO Grillz ready to install Regards
  4. Sponsored by Thermalright - http://www.thermalright.com/ 2x 2x Regards, N3RO
  5. Parallel.. 470ohms resistor on each LED
  6. Hi! LEDs already connected.. maybe I'll change the cables but the final aspect will be always like this: []s
  7. Mounting the LEDs on the motherboard tray and test it. Each LED with a 470ohms resistence powered with 12v. Testing a LED: []s
  8. Do you own a laser cutter or you had it cut somewhere? If so, how much did it cost? A friend from Poland
  9. Yes, laser cutter. Led holders
  10. Side Panel almost ready... []s
  11. Little progress... Cut for rad: With the ACRyan Radgrillz and a fan to test: Perfect? Testing the alignment: Just Perfect! Cut of a metal support: Little test between Radgrillz + Fan + Rad... All ok []s
  12. Hardware to be used: Final aspect: I received this today: White LEDs under of the board: LEDs of the bottom: Wash the RAD: []s
  13. Hi, 90 leds but not all for this case I found a great price and bought it. []s
  14. Leds on the bottom of the Stacker I received my best eBay purshase of ever 40 white leds> 5mm 50 blue leds > 5mm 100 led holders (chromed) > 5mm As you can see everything did with the max carefull! And now on the back of the Stacker:
  15. N3RO Grillz ready. Let's produce No more green plexy.. have to be like this for now:
  16. I received yesterday an I/O 3.5" SilverStone panel: Disassembled Point reference Drawing Final At the right of the power buttons General aspect
  17. Schemes Front, sides and top ---------- Left Side >> Power/Reset ---------------------------------------- Will be like this... ...and this: Good weekend
  18. Start date: 1st November, 2006 End date: xx xxxxxx, 2007 (?) Case: CoolerMaster Stacker 810 Silver Updates: