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  1. Hello again. First before i start i would like to introduce you to my favorite tool- its not even a power tool, its a..... 20 year old Stanly Yankee pump-action Screwdriver. Now back to the Project log- As i said yesterday, the PSU needed to be moved Backwards due to the size of the modular connectors, here you can see why- This is how long it is when its back end is hanging out of the case by just over an inch- The other stuff done recentally- The Laing DDC in bits, and awating the plexi-top and 1/2" barbs that should come tommorow- The DD TDX block in bits waiting for a A64 lucite top also coming tommorow- Now, back onto the PSU modification- 2 small holes cut in the PSU holder in the back, so that the barbs dont kink- still need to file it down though- And some UV blue bye and water wetter- And finally, the tools of my trade- And lots of stuff tomorrow when i get my watercooling stuff. Manktelow-
  2. Right, ive got some good news and some bad news. Bad news first- im off to minor casualty for a possible broken wrist ! (im typing with 1 hand ! good news, managed to do some modding earlier today. new cheap-o dremel look a like- cutting bits out of the back of the psu cage- the new psu retention system. my dad checking the work- the garage o' modding more general stuff- manktelow.
  3. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............................... .......... i awoke this morning at 7, when the frendly local posty brought me a parcel. I opened it quickly to find 50 screws, 200 whasers and 1000 nuts. hurray! No so. i tried to mount the rad at the top and the fans underneath, but because the holes were slightly off angle, i couldnt- the i had a brain wave!- i took some 40mm long bolts, put them through the PSU retainer and then shobe 9 nuts onto each one, this meant that i had gained one inch (yayayaya) of internal space. so, i me and my dad, quickly set about trying to fit it in. but disaster! the holes for holding the rad mean that the barbs hit the back of the PSU holder thing-, so im now off to B&Q on my bike to go and by a new dremel and some 3 and 4 mm drill bits- see you all later. Manktelow.
  4. right, been onto and ordered yet more watercooling bits- finally getting- A8N Chipset block- A64 replacement top for DD TDX water block- Plexi-top for Laing DDC pump- 5 feet of Tygon Tubing- and bought some coolermaster Blue LED Fans- 3 x 80mm for the frount and back- also orderd some different screws (coming tommorow) so that the fans will now suck air through the rad instead of pushing it through. Manktelow
  5. eeeeer....yes its a CAB2E 0602 Opteron 146 CPU.- still cant get my hole saw working so the top looks crummy though. Manktelow
  6. Hey Coolermaster forums. seeing as this is a coolermaster case mod, i thought that i should put it up here. Danger Den TDX with Lucite top and 1/2" high flow barbs- My work area in Spare Bedroom- Notice c**p everywere. My Wavemaster in all its Naked glory- (dont take the piss for holes and cut on top- using a hole saw and a laser Arcylic cutter to make a top for it- Side on goodness NexXxos Extreme dual Radiator and Hiper Type-R 580W Modual PSU- Frount view (cathode switch and Rad) Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe Motherbard and AMD Opteron 146 CAB2E NEC 4570A Dual-Layer DVD-RW. Same Drive, Molex connector from Hiper 580w PSU, and Akasa 60cm ATA/IDE 113 cable (green but should be black, cos thats what i ordered!) Manktelow.
  7. Ive just bought a Cavalier 3 with preinstalled water cooling sytsem (from and i could use some ideas with modifing the case and internals (blue and clear) and a fairly good but cheap SLI power supply. The hardware im going to install is: AMD (939) 4000+ / FX-55 Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe 2GB Ram 1 x 74GB Raptor 2 x 250GB Hitachi Deskstar 7800 GTX 256 / 512 or ATI X1800XT 512 So, im considering some fairly performance kit. Thanks alot- Alex Manktelow