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  1. backplate

    How to install things in a tool-less design

    Yeah i saw your pics EsaT. Stupid tooless crap always limits what you can do why is it so hard with mounting 4 tiny screws that makes the designers to end up with such lame solution? But then again i really want this case because its looks very good. AND the zalman
  2. Im thinking of buying the mystique 631 for my new system but i want to fit a zalman passive HDD (crappy pic i know, click on it to zoom) it requires 2x2 small screws which should be mounted in the 5.25 bay but i dont see how that should work on those plastic rail system on the tool less design. Any ideas?. Can the rails be replaced by normal screws?
  3. backplate

    CPU is overheating, need help!

    dosen that break the warranty? id hate that if there was actually something wrong with the aquagate unit but the hel1 with the warranty right and i was thinking about the 60mm fan output on the back, does it really help and how much can i estimate in terms of temp?
  4. backplate

    CPU is overheating, need help!

    I have refilled with new coolant but how do i clean the radiator? its inside and i cant even see it
  5. backplate

    CPU is overheating, need help!

    All day long my CPU has overheated the aquagate isnt doing its job i tried putting the fanspeed to max but it dosent help at all and the temp just go slowly up until the computer hangs and restarts. The aquagate has been running good for about 2-3 months but now it dosent cool properly anymore. The tank tempuratur is 31 C maybe the fan isnt good? It isnt even hot in my house and outside its windy as he11 and only 17C Any suggestions?
  6. There is 2 different pastes for CPU and various chipset right?. because im replacing the northbridge heatsink so i dont want to put the wrong stuff on it once im installing the new heatsink. what is the name of the paste that should be on chipset? thanks
  7. backplate

    The CPU thermal sensor

    Ok thanks for the help i will try all programs
  8. backplate

    The CPU thermal sensor

    I installed it according to the manual but it has slipped off. I dont think the tape is good enough to hold it in place at longer periods. So does anyone find out a better solution to keep in place? i want to find out what tempuratur i got under load and ALT-tabbing+starting software takes to much time so i figure the CPU is already cool by that time. im talking about the Aquagate thermal sensor btw
  9. backplate

    Aquagate small MOD

    Looks good
  10. backplate

    Show Us Your Cases!

    I will certainly look into it. Although i bought a kit especially designed for hiding cables but it disappeared.
  11. backplate

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Thanks for the feedback Im going to get a new PSU in the End of the month when i get some money. Its a hiper 580w with detachable cables i read, To get rid of some unnecessary cables. I dont want to mess with the PSU cables on my current one myself though Or did you mean outside the case? hahaha
  12. Turn of your computer Unplug the powercord on the back of your PSU wait 10 sec Make sure you are grounded so you are not wearing any static charges(touch something that is grounded like a element take out the closest memory, then take out the second Now reinsert the second memory into where it was, Then reinsert the first memory into where it was plug in powercord and switch on everything. Hope this help you.
  13. backplate

    What kind of PSU features you hope to see ?

    A highend Silver colored PSU (aquagate color) with 450-600w
  14. backplate

    Praetorian atc 201 ventilation help

    Hehe good one I got some old warhammer miniature figures laying around. Maybe if i quickly asembled them i could let them guard the case with their sharp spears and things. If the cat wont start "play" with them so big scratches apear on the case finish...then im arming myself with a spear!. But the best thing would be a book as you said.
  15. backplate

    Show Us Your Cases!

    Hi, here is my rig Gaming table Backview Without casecover Lights out Specs: AMD athlon 64 FX-55 2,6 Ghz MSI K8N Diamond without the Da** antenna msi! Nvidia 6800 NU 256mb 400/600 1GB Crucial ballistix pc 4000 Levicom 500w PSU WD Raptor 10.000 RPM hard drive 74 GB From coolermaster: Praetorian ATC-201 silver/brown case Aquagate Cooling the FX-55 front bezels to cover dvd drives Case fans And other misc stuff like a 12ms LG screen and a Razer diamondback mouse and a high quality epson scanner/copy/writer thing and bowls and garbage all over the table like usual