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  1. Another day, another day with no answers from CoolerMaster. I wonder how long before the BBB contacts you? Shouldn't be more than about 24 hours, surely. BTW, have any of you been tracking the thread at OCForums? The few members who actually read that section are pretty peeved about this situation. Check it out
  2. KVoong? I'm waiting for an answer. I know you read these forums, I've seen your posts.
  3. I don't HAVE a phone # or I'd have bugged the guy to death already. The only phone numbers explicitly state that NO RMA status will be given on the phone (and I've already tried).
  4. Hello Aaron, The package has been received, however please allow 7-10 business days for the replacement to be shipped. Best Regards, Kevin Voong Cooler Master RMA Dept. 1951 S. Parco Ave. Unit # A Ontario, CA 91761 Email: URL: -----Original Message----- From: Aaron Wells Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 1:43 PM To: Cooler Master RMA Dept. Subject: Re: RMA ref CM121 Cooler Master RMA Dept. wrote: >>Thank you very much Aaron, I'll contact you when I receive it. >> >>Best Regards, >> >>Kevin Voong >>Cooler Master RMA Dept. >>1951 S. Parco Ave. Unit # A >>Ontario, CA 91761 >>Email: >>URL: >>-----Original Message----- >>From: Aaron Wells >>Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 2:15 PM >>To: >>Subject: RMA ref CM121 >> >>The parts have been shipped with UPS. Tracking number is 1Z A6R 419 03 >>4528 285 9 just in case. >> >> >> Is there any new info? -
  5. I know you guys will find this hard to believe, but after I sent copies of the original e-mails showing that CM was wrong, I've now heard nothing- again. I think I see a pattern forming.
  6. Well, I was finally contacted by CM today, and the situation has gotten worse. Now, they are claiming to never have received the broken unit (UPS tracking says they got it on 10/28, their e-mails acknowledge such on 11/3). I have sent copies of the e-mails back to customer service. I have a feeling I'm going to get screwed out of the money completely. Think maybe I could at least get UPS to make good on the insurance?
  7. Seriously, another full business day, and no word.
  8. Bigs, did you get my PM with the info you asked for? This situation is truly annoying. I've spent too much on this cooling unit, and now had to purchase another just so I had my machine working, and this company appears to totally ignore me. I was a CSR for the largest document printing company in America for 10 years, and if I had treated one customer this way, I would've been fired with no questions asked.
  9. My sentiments exactly. Products fail, I realize that. Just stand behind them.
  10. I've been 7 weeks without a product, and nearly 2 weeks with no correspondance from K Voong. Is this normal practice by CM? It doesn't seem very conducive to proper customer relations.