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  1. Omg just nice! I have to use a 80mm Coolermate Al-LED fan as my VGA cooler since my fan just broke, to think of a LCD-Display for 120€ is dreaming for now XD. I had the same idea and i must admit it just looks perfect! Maybe you have seen my poor mod allready, if not you could take a look if you want. I could definetly use some advice from you, im from germany too so maybe we could get in contact ICQ/MSN maybe? Only if you like though . Ps. Ive also the same phone you have, cheers
  2. Thank you so far for your feedback! Im quite busy for the next week, but ill be posting some detailled pix of the inside/side when i finish my exams for this year! Also ill show you some things i want to change and ill hope you can give me some advice then whats possible/good. I hope you take a look next week then grts
  3. First of all hi to all Coolermaster fans like me . I came here looking for the 2005 Competition but unfortunately it started a long time ago . Well still i have a work in progress Case, a CM-Stacker. I would like to know what other people who have the same case or just anybody else thinks of it. Pls consider that its still in work and dont bash grts Soulchain Here are some Images: this one is a little older, so the inside is pretty untidy: tell me what you like and what not!