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  1. no voltage issues that I could think of... after having the first one drop out, I went out of my way to make sure the pump had a dedicated feed. Other than the Aquagate minis, there are no junk components in my system(s).
  2. I just had my second Aquagate Mini 120 go out on me... who do I talk to for some engineering reparations on these things?
  3. BAH! Aquagate minis suk! I just had the second one go out on me. This is ridiculous... an RMA is *NOT* going to cut it... It is a great idea, but the pump implementation SUKs. There should be a major recall of this item... spending the money on two of these items and having both experience the same problem!
  4. yup, the pump is dead. Bought a replacement system, hooked it up before final installation to check for indications of being operational, and did feel/hear the pump working. Will need to RMA broken system... or tear it apart and rework it with a different pump into a different system... this sounds like more fun! New system now has CPU temps @ 32 degrees. (again!)
  5. ok... no vibrations, no cracks or leaks... and it (the whole thing) gets very hot... probably gets close to matching my CPU temp.
  6. How does one tell if the pump is still operational? I just traded out my AMD 64 @3500 for an AMD 64x2 @ 4400... Initially my temps were always below 45 degrees on both CPUs. Tonite, my x2 temps started going through the roof... 65 degrees before I caught it and shut it down. I tried running it of an external power supply and it still climbs too high. How can I tell if the pump is still working? Is there any type of moving parts visible from the top?