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  1. I am sorry to say that they don't know yet when this case will come to Europe. I hope very soon.I want to take a closer look.Even though i see many new cases that Cooler Master makes
  2. It will take a while until the black stacker 830 will come out.I saw the photo's and i would say it is worth the waiting.
  3. We don't have any at Coolermaster. It is a Old model case.
  4. It is the size of the whole panel. The size of the perspex window is 33 cm by 33 cm
  5. Hi the Open sidepanels are Glossy finished,We don't sell brushed as far as i know. The sizes are width= 48 cm height=41.8 cm
  6. dragon83

    Wonky PSU socket

    The plate you use is put on the PSU is put on wrong. You need to flip the plate. It will fit perfectly.I have build in PSU my self in the stacker.
  7. the best way would be front and top is intake and the back is out.This way the air flow is optimal.Stacker cases also have the possibility to take in from the side.
  8. I use a cooldrive 6 on my job and i must say they are very quiet. the fan speed is 3500 R.P.M maximum and the dBA is 23 on maximum R.P.M. The cooldrive lite is almost the same as the cooldrive 6 only this one you cannot use any fanspeed functions.
  9. If you have the possibilty to do it when taking air in i would do that because air that goes is the case is cooler then the air that comes out. But make sure that the air circulation remains the same. Which one do you have the r80 or thr r120?