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  1. I would go with Hyper 212 Plus and replace a case with better airflow and well cable management.
  2. LGA 1156 is exactly the same with LGA 1155, so you can use 1156 bracket for 1155. This is why we mark V6GT is compatible with 1155.
  3. The back plate has no installing direction issue, so there is no need to tear everything out. Just take the retention plate off and rotate 90 degree to mount 212 plus. Retention plate can be applied for 2 direction without problem. You can refer to this video:
  4. Normally at chassis product - support page there is width info about the chassis allowing to check if a cooler can fit in or not. Check Cooler Master global site for the info:
  5. The height of RAM can not over 48.8mm if needs to fit under V10.
  6. CM global page has been updated with latest sandy bridge compatibility for coolers. You can go to check it. And Yes, Hyper 212 Plus is compatible with LGA 1155. ... ry_id=3589