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  1. bmb

    Black Stacker 830?

    What case is that?
  2. Does anyone know if the 4 in 3 Device Modules from the original Stacker will work on the 830?
  3. bmb

    Black Stacker 830?

    Yeah, from what I can tell from the Japanese site its on, seems they develop some sort of image editing software. If they dont sell a black 830, guess I will just have one anodized! Especially if the finished product looks like that!
  4. bmb

    Black Stacker 830? Goes right to it.
  5. bmb

    Black Stacker 830? ... a=N&tab=wi 1st column, 4th pic
  6. bmb

    Black Stacker 830?

    I have read on the web that the 830 might be available in black. Also saw a picture of a black 830 (google image search). Is there any definitive word on the availability of a black 830 when the case is released? Thanks in advance to any answers!