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  1. NHS

    Wonky PSU socket

    Hi Guys I've just put together a machine using an STC-01. But i have a problem with the PSU socket. Take a look at the pic in the link and you will see what i mean. http://www.pcpartsreview.com/phil/New%20Pics/P2030006.JPG Any suggestions on how i can sort this? Many thanks Phil
  2. NHS

    How to add more drives

    Suggestions? Anyone?
  3. NHS

    How to add more drives

    Hi Everyone I have a Stacker STC-T01, currently with 3 4-in-3 modules, does anyone have any suggestions on how I could install a fourth module? Many thanks Phil
  4. Hi Everyone, I've just finished my Stacker, and I thought i'd share a few pics with you. http://www.pcpartsreview.com/phil/New%20Pics/ Please let me know what you think. Phil
  5. NHS

    CM 4-in-3 Modules

    Any help? Anyone?
  6. NHS

    CM 4-in-3 Modules

    Hi Guys I have just taken delivery of some 4-in-3 modules, but im finding them a bit complicated. How do i remove the fan on the front of the module so i can remove the perforated plate? I dont want to force it incase it breaks. Also, in the box where a load of screws, what are the little black ones for? TIA Phil
  7. NHS

    Dual PSU

    Hey Everyone, Just a quick question, what model's of the Stacker come with dual PSU capability? Thanks Phil
  8. NHS

    4-in-3 Module Availability

    In a way, yes. My dad owns a company and they over-ordered some hard drives, so rather than him sending them back, i asked if i could have them - he reluctantly agreed. lol. So he have me eight 250GB SATA maxtor drives, and i need to buy a 60 or 80GB drive to hold the OS etc. I'm going to have half the drives hold data, which users (mainly me) access, store, save files etc. And have the other half backup the others. I'm not going to RAID them as i've had 4 maxtor drives fail on my one after the other, but as i got these for free, i can't be choosey. lol Any suggestions guys/gals? Best way to set them up in the stacker? Phil
  9. NHS

    4-in-3 Module Availability

    It's sods law that i found this forum after i had bought the stacker. lol. If that's the case, what would you recommend for cooling the 9 drives? Phil
  10. NHS

    4-in-3 Module Availability

    By the sounds of it then, I'm going to have to buy a couple soon. I need to house 9 hard drives in one Stacker. Would be a bit inconvenient if I couldn't get them from anywhere. Phil
  11. Hi All, This is my first post on the forum, and I must say I am very impressed with the posts on the site so far. Definately an interesting read! As those who live in the UK may know, obtaining a Coolermaster Stacker in the UK is very hard at the moment - I just managed to get one from Komplett.co.uk. As a result of this, will the 4-in-3 modules still be available, or are they likely to become increasingly difficult to obtain like the Stacker? Many thanks Phil