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  1. oh, thanks for ur replies man. appriciate ur work. *i'm askign the transparent side panel of coolermaster wave master and preatorean series* not the case itself. Is that the size of the perspex windows or the whole panel? cheers
  2. hi guys I'm gona get a new case for my littble bro. Right now i'm looking at the black preatorean 730 which i can afford after all the trouble that my amd system cause me. ( sort of shallow my wallet from get stuffs to make it work ). I jsut wonder wat type of finish of the black translucent windows from coolermaster. Is anodised brush aluminum finish or black glossy finish? i read on the coolermaster site said it's glossy finish, but on one of australia online shop said its anodised aluminum hair line finish. Just got comfused which one is correct? and i'm gona use this windows to mod my lian-li side windows. can some one please do me a favour, that can anyone tell me the size of the windows? cheers. And btw, is it worth it go get teh [mod edit] Mystique? [/mod edit] any new features on that case guys? cheers, and have a nice days appriciates for all replies
  3. yes, u're rite bro. stol voltage is at 1.36v according to cpuz. when i turned down the voltage the whole thing wouldnt boot into windows no matter what. At 2.4 full load my temp is 41~45c which is acceptable i think. i'm using hyper 6+ btw. I guess just the unstable power supply. However it wokrs fine on my intel tho (all use the same components and same brand). but i think amd is more in picky power and ram. i'll try to get a better power supply adn give it another shot and see how itgoes. i'm looking at competitor power stider 600w(think this is how it spell, lol). any way, very appriciate for all the helps form u guys . thanks for all of your advices. cheers
  4. ok guys, It's crashed!!! after all the stress test and bench mark. It just failed when i'm using msn only.. wat a b*tch comp. lol!!! it was running :) stable when i ran 3dmark06, stress cpu and cpu burn at the same times. nothing happend and only when things cool down and it crashed. guess it cant be helped after all. any other suggestion guys, failed @ 2.4, voltage is under volt cheers
  5. ok guys, here is the result. i'm currently oc my x2 3800+ @ 2.4ghz ( 240x10) and seems to be stable so far (who knws when its gona crash). however there are few things that seem to be strange for me. First of all is my vcore. In bios, i left it at 1.48.. but on cpuz and asus probe gave me the result of 1.5..., will that affect my cpu? i heard cpu shudnt set ova 1.55v rite? secondly is my 12v rail. at idle it said around 11.77v and i load with 100% usage of cpu it said 11.5v. Is my power supply bad? i could run 3dmark06 and not a crash yet. I htink it shud be ok rite? btw, i left my ddr votage at 2.9v and the time right now is 2.5-4-4-8. are my rams gona be @ that voltage ok? cheers
  6. hmm.. i think u're right. my comp wont be stable when i'm oc@2.2. the 12v=11.77, 3.3v=3.29v,5v=4.94. I'm using thermaltake power supply rite now and it said 12v = 18A. When i'm oc the system clock down to 1.1ghz which really weird. I think jsut the power supply doesnt give enough power. And i'm using bios 1016 from asus website. and on my super flower is dual rail i think it said +12v1=18A and +12v2=20A. I think my thermaltake is single rail. Anyway i'll give a shot later today. NOw time for uni. I hate to do assessment work man . lol thanks for ur efforts
  7. hi guys, unfortunately, i still cant oc up to 2.4 with merovingian's way and my way which is the old one but nothing turn out. my comp boot into windows screen and crashed. my x2 chip is manchester core and my ram timing is 2.5-3-3-8(generic ram made from hynix). I'm trying to update my bios to the latest one. Do i also need to update my nvida driver as well to make the system stable? and on my 12v it said 11.9v with thermaltake power supply (430w) and around 11.89 ~ 11.92 on my 500w super flower power supply. I am currently running 2drives, 3hdds, 4 fans (2x12cm, 1x10cm, 1x8cm), 7800gt, creative sound blaster audigy 2zs and a tv tuner (dvico). Could it be the power issues? i mean wiht those spec i can easyly oc on my intel system and no problem in power and crashes. appricate for any answer.
  8. thanks for reply guys, i'll give it a try and see how it goes. normaly i put the htt at 4x since its 240mhz only (closer to 1000 is better rite?).
  9. thanks for reply guys, been busy for study lately for uni. Horrible time.. lol. corsiar and balistik is nice, however they're slightly over my budget. thinking of getting the ocz pc4000 EB or XTC... if i'm lucky enough to get on ebay for good deal. Stuffs in asutralia are quite expensive. However with my cheap ram i can oc my intel system pretty easy, with a few steps i can oc it from 3.0 to all the way to 3.8ghz (socket 775) with a stock voltage ( run around 1.4v). Just wonder why i cant oc with my amd system, and by the way, i had problem with abit board, so i got myself the asus a8n-sli-deluxe ver 1.02 i think. and yet still cant be stable for oc even at 2.4ghz and 1.5v. guess just the ram after all any suggestion guys. appricated
  10. hmm.. i think thats the stability problem. I thought just because of my power supply doesnt give enough juice for my cpu when oc, so i upgrade to 500w. However it still not stable @2.4ghz. And i've been to other forum about oc and as u said i declocked my ram @ ddr333 instead of ddr400. and my ram timing is 2.5-3-8, so i guess it should be able to oc smoothly @2.4. As well as i've been to abit website for my mobo and check out the compatability of the mobo to ram. And they said for ddr500 its only has geil for ddr500. So i wonder if i can use ocz ddr500 (here is the link of it : cheers
  11. thanx for ur effort merovigian, havent been on coolermaster forum for a while. I did that way and i could oc my cpu however the system wasnt stable @2.4ghz. and i put my mem as ddr166, and my mutiply is 10 so my ram frequency is 200mhz. But it crashed a few times so i put it back to default. Guess my ram is not for oc enviroment. and a small question, which memory is worth to getting for ddr500 guys? ocz or muskin? cheers
  12. whoopss my bad typing. on the website they said it's GX XTC. i tried to run on 2.2ghz and my system froze quite few time with my current ram. and leave as 220x10. and leave the memory as default and i just increase more voltage to my cpu and ram. So how can u guys show me how to run the devider? i'm just a newbie in oc. lol appriciate for ur answers
  13. hi guys, havent been on this forum for a while. just asking u guys a favour taht helping me to choose which memory is good for oc my amd. currently i found a good price for a pair of corsair XMS Memory 1GB DDR400 PC-3200C2(2x512mb) about 170bux (aus money) on ebay. but i duno will it be able to oc my system? OR shud i get the ocz brand which is good for oc. ANd which one u guys rekon is good for oc and valueable (for ocz)? is OCZ 1gig KIT (2 x 512meg) DDR400 EL GOLD EDITION worth for oc my system? or this one OCZ 1gig KIT (2 x 512meg) DDR433 EL GOLD EDITION. I'm currnetly use abit mobo (A8N-sli) and hynix ram. appriciate for any reply from u guys