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  1. Man, I wish I could polish metal as good as you. Didn't you completely polish a CM Wave Master a few years back? I think I pm'ed you about it.
  2. Looking good! Keep up the good work.
  3. Btw, the front door panel looks like it belongs on your car. lol. It looks great on the hood. Maybe you should mod your car!
  4. Awesome job coolmiester! What did you use to polish the aluminum? A buffing wheel and what else? Oh and..... U OWN THE ACTUAL CAR!!! How much did that thing cost you?
  5. How much did you pay for the keyboard and mouse?
  6. Looking good. The red plexi cover adds a nice touch to it.
  7. Those are some nice heatsinks btw. Can't wait to see them installed. I sent you a private message N3RO. Did you get it? Please send me one back when you get around to reading it. Thanks
  8. What are those heatsinks for? CPU and vid?
  9. LOL sure will! So what tools and bits did you use?
  10. How did you connect the LEDs? In parallel with no resistors?
  11. Nice engraving job. What tools do you use? A Dremel? If so what bits do you use? Any tips for a beginner engraver? I haven't engraved anything but been wanting to. I think I'm Just afraid of messing my case up. If I had some scrap pieces of metal I would try it.
  12. Do you own a laser cutter or you had it cut somewhere? If so, how much did it cost? A friend from Poland Oh I see. Nice! Wish I had a friend with a laser cutter.
  13. Do you own a laser cutter or you had it cut somewhere? If so, how much did it cost?
  14. Do you own a laser cutter or you had it cut somewhere?
  15. I can't see any of the pics. Just a clear box with a red dot in the middle.
  16. Nice job! I really like the chrome. How much did it cost you (US) to get the parts chromed?
  17. Nice to see the mod is coming along nicely. I was wondering what type of tips did you use to cut the fan grill? Especially in the tight spaces like the ears. Please post some pics of the tips used. Thanks.
  18. This being your 1st mod. I'll give you an A+ You did a great job! Looks like we have more competition for next years modding contest.
  19. I take a pic of the connectors on MB and try to match the colors with the new wires on the new case. Works 80% of the time.
  20. I believe they are called led holders. How did you cut the fan grill? Looks really nice and clean. Looks as though you used a laser cutter.
  21. hed420


    lol I was thinking of powder coating my xbox/ps2 case candy green on the inside and candy blue on the outside.
  22. Ouch!! Sorry about your foot man. That's looks painful. Hope it gets well soon so that you can continue modding! I cut my finger pretty bad while modding. On the day the modding contest ended so I wasn't able to finish my case in time for the contest. I'm waiting untill my finger heals before I finish it.