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  1. Cool ok, i was thinknig about it. Now idealy i would like 5 drive bays (2x CD, Faan Contoller, Light Contoler and floppy) but i know thats not gunna happen. so i went and first of eliminated the floppy because i also have usb floppy drives from my laptops, so that will be ok. And then i can also dump my Light Controller. So the radiator is here: ... =72&page=1 and uses 2 120mm fans. From pictures i have gathered that the 810 has 11 open slots, and the 830 has 9.So if your able to fit 3 fans in.. 9/3 so thats 1 fan per 3 slots, so if i wanted to have the radiator i would have to have 3 drives max.I would probz be ok with the 810, but the 830 is soo cool XD. Some one that actully has the case, can you please confirm that you could fix that in the 810. (Btw there is a video of a guy installing that radiator into the 810, so it will fit, but im just intrested how many drives i can fit) Another thing i otested, does the door on the 830 have holes or somethng.. caz wouldnt that stop the air flow...
  2. that isnt mine.. the pic was just from a review i was reading, and i got the idea of the radiator possition. Although, my current setup is a mess to, but i cant be bothers as im getting a new case and water cooling soon, so im gunnabe ripping it all apart anyway
  3. In the Stacker, is it possible to fit in 2 12cm fans and for drives at the top? I am also considering waiting for the 830, will it be the same deal in that? Thanks, mitch **EDIT A unrealted question, but no point posting 2 threads, will the 830 have bottom verterlation like the others? Because i need a place to put my 2x 120mm Radiator, and i origonaly wanted to put it on the front, but after seeing the possition of the radiator in this: i guess i could just do that, but does the 830 have bottom venterlation?