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  1. Nope the case is stock from when I purchased it, is a sweet case and I got it for a great deal, if I get in trouble for listing this company’s site plz just edit the post don’t ban me , my case is the XION II. It has won many awards and mine came with a great XION 450 watt PSU. As for you guys that wanted a top shot of my case I have just remembered that XION's site has pics of there computer cases so here it is, i hosted them on my site
  2. Blake is drooling on his desk. Nuf Said.
  3. i dont right now but i can get some, ill tell ya when i upload them
  4. Here is my comp all! I put them on my site so the monstrosity of the photos wont cramp up this topic , please tell me if u hate or like it. PHOTOS HERE The blue glow is my BFG 6600 GT OC's stock GPU fan.
  5. ya my first build was a Linux, its in my closet thats a nice first build, good job
  6. hey i got a question my ram is running at 2T is it faster to go down to 1T? ya its at 2T for the command rate right now, so will it be faster going down??
  7. Blake R.

    My Modded Case

    thats some sweet stuff, keep it up man