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  1. thank you. thats all i was looking for really. i read a few reviews before i bought the board and saw the stock Intel HSF was just about touching the northbridge HSF, so i was worried about different HSF's fitting correctly without touching the northbridge.
  2. I'm sorry I dont mean to fight. I just dont like people coming into my thread insulting me when I am asking a question.
  3. Ok, no CPU wars. How about chipsets. Intel is the one that determines that capacitor row. It is difficult to change that row for engineers unless they want the board to have traces even longer than they are now. With any incremental increase of the trace can cause major fluctuation. So, you see it is a cpu issue. Look at all the 775 chipsets. All the ones that have good specs will all have such a tight row. If you really knew what you were doing you would know that almost any cooler will work including vapor systems. Tilt the board sideways and it will be obvious! The only systems I know that wont work is cascading, DI, or LN2 because of the inefficiency of the capacitors at those temps unless there is serious insulation as the 7.22Ghz was in. There's brackets for just about anything. If your limited by what people tell you, you may just own an intel. I hope this answers your questions fully and there wont be a need to question people who are just trying to help you with comments like "bigbadbns, this thread was mainly for people who have P4N's and know exactly what will fit". I dont know what I am doing? I didnt come in insulting anyone, I am asking for some simple information. If you are going to be a jerk to me, then dont reply. I never said anything really about the capacitors. If you would have read what I said, and maybe looked at a few reviews of the board you would find out that even the stock hsf that comes with an Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 socket CPU just about touches the hsf for the northbridge. This is what my concern is. It seems it is YOU that doesnt know what they are doing or even talking about. Now stay out of my thread.
  4. no. i'd appreciate you keeping the cpu wars out of my thread too. i have been an amd user for 6 years. i know what i am doing. besides, you cant beat getting a $220 intel board for only $150 brand new
  5. bigbadbns, this thread was mainly for people who have P4N's and know exactly what will fit. i am worried about the hs running into the very close northbridge hsf and the capacitors. according to a few reviews, the stock intel hsf just about hits the northbridge hsf i dont really need guesses, as that would be wasting my money if someone is wrong.
  6. I am wondering if anyone has any info on what coolers will fit on the MSI P4N Diamond. I know the coolers that will fit it are limited due to the layout of the board. Any help is appreciated!