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  1. Anyone able to clarify if the Silver widow case model is:




    I've googled and there is some confusion:

    Some state the silver widow, All aluminium as SXT others state SXK

    and Some state the version with alu front black sides and top as SXT other state it as SXK

  2. Hi,

    Is there anywhere that has an archive of all of the cases cooler master used to make?

    I'm particularly interested in the CM201 series as i have 2 cases and one is slightly different to the other - one is a CM201-SX1 the other has slight difference but isn't a CM201-SX2

  3. I would like to get a replacement IO panel assembly for my case.

    I have a CM201 which has just 2 usb ports and i would like put the praetorian assembly which has usb and firewire.

    Does any one know if it will fit in my CM201 and where i can get it also

    I contacted cooler master via the email notoriousbigs posted above but got the following unhelpful reply:

    You can check our main website.


    Happy Holidays!


  4. You'll find that on the SX1 you'll have to slide off the top panel to access the screws. Top panel has two thumb screws on the back undo these slide the top off unscrew the fan.

    The screws that hold the fan grill on do not actually hold the fan to the case

  5. I need your opinions please.

    I got a ATC 201C-SX1 The one with the champagne/brown/greyishkinda paint job.

    At first i hated it and really wanted a SXK (silver) version but had to make do with the SX1 with the idea that i'd get the paint stripped back to the Alu.

    Time has passed by with me not using the case, still in it's box (ashamed to say) and i have grown to like the colour, i think it's ok, but would still like an SXK silver 201.

    So should i leave it as it is or should i get it stripped back to the alu - what do you think?