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  1. how does it not match, sorry but we need more info

    is the mobo connector two pins side by side as in - XX

    but the power cable three pin as in - X X

    with the X's being wires and the space being empty

  2. I just ordered a ATC210C-VX1 the green one, which is doubly fantastic as i think i still have a window panel about somewhere from when i ordered the wrong one for my 201-SX1!

    I can't wait for it to arrive, though i dunno what i'm going to do with it - i'm not really a fan of doors but it was such a good price i had to buy it!

  3. Did Cooler Master actually name the 201-BTX and 201-SXK the Black Widow and Silver Widow?

    Or were these names made up by the end users?

    Also does anyone have the advertising images for the cases such as:


  4. 1) how can i tell if its fake. Cause i read trough some forums and worried myself that my model is fake.

    I've not heard of this but i guess if you purchased it from a reputable dealer there shouldn't be any problems

    2) It came with a ring. i read the website saying that its to reduce magnetic things but where to i connect/put it onto which wire?

    Normaly the ring goes around the Power/Reset switch, Power/HDD Leds wires (has in all the cases i've ever had anyway!)

    3) It also came with a Cooler Master logo on metal squarish sticker. what isit used for?

    You can use it for anything you like, Keep it as a souvenir, Stick it to your case, stick it to your monitor, stick it to your forehead - there is no specific purpose for it, it's just a little bonus extra

    4) will the door effect the Cool Drive 6(HDD cooling device)?

    It shouldn't do, but then i don't have a cool drive or a cavalier so couldn;t be 100% certain

    Hope that helps a bit and Welcome to the CM forums

  5. (Thanks to CM for the spare parts and to knud // elessar for making it happen!).

    No problem mate, good that you received the parts! 8)

    It looks great man, 2 intake fans, that's a thing I always like!

    Are you gonna install some hardware on it? :wink:

    I'm probably going to swap over my 201 give that a rest, i'm currently working on the foundations for a sff build so i'm not sure when i'll have time, but i really want to get it done!

  6. Replace those 80mm fans with couple 120s and you've got a dream case. Nice work though, enjoy!

    Unfortunately the case design wouldn't alow for 120mm fans without some serious butchering!

    But if the 200/201/111/110s were developed with 120mm intake and exhust they would fly off the shelves and snatch that market back from lian li for sure

  7. Well few months ago I was lucky enough to buy a Cooler Master ATC111B-SX2 for a very modest price.

    The price was due to the fact there were quite a few "problems" as in damage and missing parts. I have been doing various bits and pieces along the way while negotiating and awaiting spare parts from Cooler Master (Thanks to CM for the spare parts and to knud // elessar for making it happen!).

    Yay the bits arrived today:


    So the first thing on the agenda was the window panel which had a ruddy great scratch across it (or so the seller thought) and a load of stickers on it:


    The stickers came off with ease, a little residue but nothing that cilit bang couldn't deal with, but the scratch? well i was all set on needing to get a new piece of perspex but on doing the fingernail test (always do the fingernail test to see how deep the scratch is) i was chuffed to find the scratch scratched off! so with a bit of soft cloth wrapped over my fingernail i worked away the scratch.

    The case was missing drive bay blanks, PCI blanks and all thumb screws. Having removed all the other bits, i found there was no dust filters behind the mesh. So an empty shell which needed a good clean up and lots of foam & velcro pads removing. The velcro ones were pretty easy to just pull of with no residue left but the foam pads were a bit more challenging. You'll see one that i hadn't quite shifted at the time of the pitures:


    My secret weapon in cleaning all the dirt dust and trapped daddy longlegs out was Cilit Bang (BANG! and the dirt was gone!) Cleaned the brushed alu surface nicely as well:


    Now that all the bits from CM arrived it was time to get all the other bits together:

    4 x Akasa Blue LED fans (all fans are speed adjustable using a controller, but the two for the front are adjustable independantly)

    5 x 80mm fan grills

    120mm x 80mm Dust filter

    1 x I/O Shield (ok so it wont fit your mobo, but it finnishes it off)


    Now it's time to remove the motherboard tray install Akasa fan with grill on front and back, pop the I/O shield in and the new PCI blanks with thumb screws:


    Motherboard tray Back in place with thumb screws:


    Next up was installing the top blow hole fan and grill:


    Then onto the front fans, with grills on the inside of the case:


    Installation of the 5.25" bay blanks:


    A new dust filter in the mesh and on it goes:


    Sides back on and the new thumb screws in to secure:


    One tenderly loved cared for and caressed back to good health ATC111b-SX2:



    Feel free to comment or ask questions here, via email or MSN.

    I hope you enjoyed it!

  8. move up

    Whats with the bumping, your post was still up in the top 5 threads! Not only that your post was answered by zerospace.

    Spare parts for cases are not sold via general retail outlets afaik, your best bet as Zerospace has already said is to contact cooler master direct

  9. Hey Guys

    I have a 201-SX1 that i am breaking for spare parts and was wondering if anyone had any idea what they would be worth as i'll be selling off the parts i don't need. All parts are from a champagne coloured 201 except the window panel which is Aluminium and would fit a silver widow/praetorian and wavemaster i think.

    solid side panel Left

    solid side panel Right

    window panel Left (silver)

    top Panel

    motherboard tray

    front panel

    front panel screws (lot)

    power/reset switch assembly

    USB assembly and door

    5.25" drive blanks (each)

    3.5" drive blanks (each)

    feet (all 4)

    PCI slot covers (each)

    thumb screws (each)

    I think thats all the parts - thanks for any help/guidance you can give

  10. Ooooooh you have the 111C anyway you'd part with it? Yea once my 110 gets here I'll post some pics, now I just got to get some actual computer parts to put in these cases :lol:

    I would part with it for the right price, but as i'm in the UK and your in the US it would be pretty costly for shipping i expect.

    I'm hoping to pick up a 200 at some point as well - make a nice little family lol

  11. its SXT ad teh black widow is BXT, trust me on this one theres a black widow in its box in the corner of the room.

    After a lot of digging i've found out

    201-SXK is the Silver Widow

    201-BTX is the Black Widow

    201-SXT is Black sides and top, Silver front

    201-SX1/2 is Champagne sides and top, silver front