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  1. I asked about hexus as i replied on there too - unfortunately these cases were very costly to make and for cooler master making them wasn't cost effective. They were as i said replaced with the praetorian, which has now evolved further into a totally new case. The only improvement that is needed on the ATCs range of cases is 120mm fans - thats all I'm afraid it's a waiting game with respect to finding one these days you just have to keep your eyes open for them.
  2. The cases is the ATC 201b-BXT sometimes called the black widow - i'm not sure this was a cooler master term for the case or if it was just something the press decided to call it (i'd love to know the answer as i'm a huge fan of ATCS cases)
  3. The case is discontinued, it was replaced by the praetorian PAC-T01 however although having similar looks, it was anodise rather than painted so the high gloss finish was no longer. Your only chance to find one these days is second hand via ebay, or keep your eyes open on the various computer forums classifieds sections. (did you also post this question on hexus?)
  4. Depending on where you live you could try the two cooler master parts shops: http://www.coolermaster.nl/shop - for europe or http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/PartsShop - for USA, canada The items you are looking for may not show but if you email them i'm sure they will be able to sort you out
  5. I really like this do you have a mod log somewhere that i can see?
  6. I think it's pretty cool, though i'm not sure i'd like to lug that to lan parties - maybe a second revision with a TFT screen in the lid of the case, and a not so ghetto power supply, the idea is very cool and it would be well protected in a flightcase!
  7. Oh cool, i think most people automatically think male in this kinda thing - i'm female too. My highs were getting my anodised and laser engraved panel back. My low was when the painting on my side panels all bubbled up and i had to start all over again - i was set to give up, but i'm glad i didn't. I started the modding as soon as the comp was announced - so all in it was pretty quick work considering, there are a few more thing i would have liked to have done but ran out of time - may well do them later on
  8. I had a change of heart with my fans so order new ones that should have arrived last thursday a week later i still don't have them! All my painting is done now though thanks god after a bad start!
  9. There is no firewire actually there, it is only a space. So you could look for a firewire extender to fit in there, or maybe see if one of the firewire kits from other cases will fit - maybe the stacker one Edit this one: http://www.coolermaster.nl/shop/product ... ucts_id=96
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    CM Shop If it's not listed on there (i don't think it is - send them a email request
  11. Shock horror - no window no need to worry about cables!
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    Possibly and inverter like cold cathodes have? It's easy to change leds have a look here: http://www.virtual-hideout.net/guides/c ... ndex.shtml
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    The LEDS that light up the ATCS image on the door have probably burnt out, so you will need to replace them
  14. I've lots of pictures but i need to put them together - still plenty of work to be done though it is comming together. Do we have to do an actuall write up for what we did or will pictures just do?
  15. Thread revival, as i've added to my little collection quite significantly: Here you go heres my little lot, though i need to make some space soon Bottom Row Left to Right: 201b-SX1 - Currently holding my Rig Champagne sides/top anodised silver front 201c-SX1 - Mint (New & Never used) Champagne sides/top anodised silver front 201b-SXK - Some people say this is a "silver widow" not sure if there is such a thing All Anodised silver 200c-CX1 - very rare first revision with champagne sides and anodised gold front panel, Top drive blank has been modded (not by me) for a pioneer slot drive. 200c-MX2 - the more popular ATC 200 case. Dark grey texture painted sides/top, anodised silver front with anosides black surround for the drive bays. 111b-SX2 - Lovingly restored by me. All anodised silver. Top Row left to right: 201c-SX1 - Spares parts case, Will maybe have a go at modding it one day. Champagne sides/top anodised silver front Praetorian - All anodised silver, I only got this for the front firewire/USB/Audio ports which are now in my 201 rig (must move on soon) 210c-DX1 - Mint (New & never used) All anodised silver with a Black perspex door, pretty rare in this colour too. 111c-SX1 - Mint (New & never used) All anodised silver Will have a ATC 500-SX1 shortly as well which will be brand new. And for my sins..... Lastly my little Lian Li PC402a, All anodised silver, there would have originally been a perspex door on this case but it has been chopped off, mod not done by me but i definately think it looks better without a door. Cases houses my mini ITX epia system - would like to maybe replace it with a ATCS-tek slim case if i can ever get my hands on one, failing that maybe the ATC630-S21
  16. lozza

    ATC 300 (SSV-03)

    Does anyone have any information and pictures of the ATC 300 (SSV-03) I know it's discontinued now, but really looking for some decent pictures of it if anyone has one!
  17. If you email the shop they may sell just the cabling - things are being added all the time to the shop. I know with the 201/praetorian they have just the USB ports and cable for sale or the whole unit with the bracket and door as well for sale. Edit: i just checked the shop and you don't have to buy the whole thing just the card: http://www.coolermaster.nl/shop/product ... cts_id=124
  18. you can get spares from the spares shop: http://www.coolermaster.nl/shop/
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    History of ATCS cases

    WOW Ron cheers for that! But you've missed off the: 100 (plus variations) 111 (Plus variations 201-SX2 620 (plus variations) I've managed to come up with some dates for stuff just by looking at reviews etc.. Can anyone tell me about the black/silver widow? the real black/silver widow, so i believe has no top blow hole, is this correct as there were versions of of these cases produced with top blow holes (maybe just before the praetorians release?)
  20. Does anyone know the history of ATCS cases from ATCS-Tek days through to coolermaster days. Looking for info on things like when ATCS-Tek first made cases such as the MRO 16 (otherwise known as the wavemaster) & the MRO 18 (otherwise known as the 201) and then when cooler master took over. Release dates of cases etc.. anything really relating to the older ATCs cases
  21. lozza

    Yellow Wavemaster

    Thats a good price, most retail for £95 + Vat
  22. Makes me feel better i got mine for £35 lol even though i was expecting a green VX1 Would really like to get my hands on a 100 - but as they weren't released in the UK thats going to be a long shot. I have a 200-cx on it's way from germany, which i'm quite excited about as i've never seen the gold colour of it in person
  23. That 101 is £185!!!! the widow is £125 Not very good prices really when you add shipping as well
  24. Yep that would be cool! - Seriously if anyone is willing to order a case and put it up on ebay for me to buy, send me a pm or msn me harib0uk at gmail dot com I got my SX1 from a guy in the US via ebay and shipping for it was $77.60 air mail via USPS but i could have gone cheaper and paid something like $58 for surface. 110s available here: http://umaxpc.com/store/product_info.php/products_id/95 pretty big price