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  1. All cases pictured in this thread are now gone. Still have others in storage and plenty of spare parts for the ATCS cases so if you need anything just ask and I'll see what I have.
  2. I still have the 111 so Message sent also still have a 200 but it's not in great condition. Have also come a cross a whole box of spare bits left over from restoring the cases, so if anyone needs drive bay banks, thumb screws, usb firewire front ports (201) let me know!
  3. It's never been used, so very good condition..... I guess some where around £50 +shipping would be a nice price, but shipping to NL i'm not sure what that would cost.
  4. Side panels One Anodied aluminium with window. One gloss black with Blue window
  5. ATC-111b-SX2: Anodised silevr front panel & side panel, With window. Original box
  6. ATC-100-SX1: Anodised Silver front panel with Gray side panel. No original box
  7. ATC-200c-CX1: Anodised Champagne front panel with Champagne side panel. Original box
  8. The site is still up, on http://www.randomstuff.co.uk/atcs/archive.html I don't have all the cases listed on the archive. Most are in storage now, but I have a couple with easy access, I'm sure one is a rather rare 201 with a gold annodised front faceplate. I'll get some pictures and post them up.
  9. Hi Knud, Hope you are well! Unfortunately the Wavemaster is one case that I dont have.
  10. Is anyone interested in the Old ATCS coolermaster cases? I have quite a few of them looking for a new home.... UK only as shipping and risk of damage is too much. Beautiful cases, that I have catalogued here: http://www.randomstuff.co.uk/atcs/archive.html
  11. Appearing on ebay already : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=350121644285&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:1123
  12. Yeah, the least they could do is send You one to review - Who better than an expert, fanatic, and collector to determine if the new case is a worthy addition to the ATCS name, Right? Be Well! Fireheart Ha! yes that would be nice to have one, but i feel i may have missed the boat life has been hectic for some time now
  13. This i like to see, but i fear for my pocket as my collection will only grow!!
  14. Great to see the ATCS cases Back! Have been keeping my ear to the ground on this one, would love to see a slightly smaller version - 6 5.25 and 6 3.5 inch bays is quite a lot for your average joe user!
  15. lozza

    Will it fit?

    Yeah i'm still running a ATC 201c-SX1 as my main system and i have just built a media centre using the lovely ATC 630-S21 My collection of cases has grown significantly! However i haven't had chance to update my site unfortunately, life is very busy here atm Need to get rid of a couple of cases and need to try and locate a ATC 300 to complete the cases i'm interested in!
  16. lozza

    Will it fit?

    You'll need to find out the length of the card, if it's longer than 28cm then it's a no go!
  17. lozza

    Will it fit?

    I was correct in thinking the fella i knew had one and so we have confirmation: Glad to be able to keep a ATCS in use!
  18. lozza

    Will it fit?

    Hi eternity, Going on the fact that the 8800GTX is approx 28cm long in Theory it should fit, maybe slightly tight you will have approx 10mm space between the card and the drive cages. However i don't have one of these cards so can't be 100% certain. I may know someone who is using a 8800GTX or similar, so will try to contact them for you and see what they say.
  19. Is any one using an old ATCs 630 case for a htpc/media centre, I'm looking to do this shortly and wondering about best components as it's a mATX case and not very high so need half height/low profile cards/brackets and also concerned about the supplied 200w PSU if it's powerful enough and if not can it be easily replaced. Cheers for any help
  20. You didn't ask for professional you asked for It's simple and effective so i'm told Sounds like you have made up your mind anyway
  21. Tights/stockings are supposed to work wonders for optimum air flow with minimal dust
  22. Hey guys, I've been really busy lately and haven't been able to spend much time on the forums - blackpk i've responded to your PM and i'm sorry to say that i have no idea where you can get these cases, i've been looking out for one myself for ages. There was one on ebay a few months back but it was as a whole system and was a ridiculous price, and it didn't sell and hasn't been re-listed IIRC it was in Belgium.
  23. lozza

    open air rig

    on top of a cardboard box works for me
  24. the prices are nice to when converted to £'s but the shipping is a killer i've been quoted huge amounts for a ATCs 100 from the US
  25. That seems to have been discontinued as well now, at least you can't seem to get it in the UK or Europe - which is a shame