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  1. Black Phoenix

    How Can I clean a Stacker

    As title says, I'm a owner of a 830 silver but it's getting me nerves to remove some white fingerprints and spots in the alu. can it be the ALU oxidation that causes that? What liquid can I use to clean It? I already had tried medical alcool, lighters fluid (I come from the metalomecanics cnc machine, and know that the best thing to clean alu is lighters fluid or light petrol) but no good luck. Best regards
  2. Black Phoenix

    Removing Front Fan on Black Stacker 830

    Insert your nail on the side of the pushpins... You will see that your nail will insert in a little space... Not the space between the pushpin and the cage, is on the pushpin's head. Then lift the hand and the pushpin is open... Remove it, do the changes you need to do and remount again.
  3. Black Phoenix

    My Cooler Master collection is growing MUAHAHA!!!!!!!

    Very nice collections... I envy all of you... I only have the old Stacker 810 Silver and the new Stacker 830 also silver... But that ATCs was a great tower at the time...
  4. Black Phoenix

    N2O Container

    An old and hot Crawhammer 3500+ 939...
  5. Black Phoenix

    N2O Container

    Finally the container is finished. It take some time to finished him, but now is ready and at home... With this 3 photos the project is finished. Now need to have time ($$$$) to buy LN2 to test the container. But i'm not finished. I've been working on last month on a simulation program for the MAZAK machines called CAMWARE. It's a program build and simulation for all the MAZAK machines. The project that I've been with is a new solid container (yes is really solid this time, not blazed) for CPU and another surprise... And the other project... Danfoss means anything for you guys?
  6. Black Phoenix

    Aquagate for only €72

    I'n Portugal still a lot expensive...
  7. Black Phoenix

    Hyper 48 performance on new HP Mobo

    An Stacker 830 with front disk fan putting air, back and up exausting, plus PSU fan exausting and side fan frame removed... Is that a bad ventilation? The problem here is that Ninja is bad for board, thats no other way to say it... Same with Hyper 6+...
  8. Black Phoenix

    Hyper 48 performance on new HP Mobo

    As the title says, i need to know how Hyper 48 cools down cpu and other adjacent places (mobo, mems). The problem is i had allready used a lot of other coolers but only ZM do that for me as TR, but unfortunly it don't exist a 120 CU version of XP. I'm now with an SK Ninja but my mobo is damm hot because of the lack of air around. The same with the mem's... So for the ones that have one Hyper 48, how's performance... Another word, the fan can be controled by Asus QFan, or voltage don't interfear on the fan? Any more advices it will be great... Thanks...
  9. Black Phoenix

    N2O Container

    It's done... Soon i will post photos of the work... Stay tuned...
  10. Black Phoenix

    Funnel on side of Centurion 5

    The objective is an vent duct to conduct the air directly from outside the case to the cpu. Use a Fan instead...
  11. Black Phoenix

    N2O Container

    Well news... The silver solder don't work. Creates big balls of silver and don't stick with the cooper. Even the teachers don't know why, but tomorrow I will try cooper solder... News soon...
  12. Black Phoenix

    N2O Container

    Yeap i know that... And I also know the danger of using that kind of cooling... I'm well informed, thanks for the support... Soon I blazed it I go to test bench, just need money to buy it...
  13. Black Phoenix

    N2O Container

    I done the holes in a very fashion way, 4 a little deep and the middle one is about 4, 5 mm of the processor core... test need to be done... but for a start i like...
  14. Black Phoenix

    N2O Container

    I'm not so good in Maths... As i said, this was done for fun and to implove my skill... In the future i will make a solid one... But first i need to learn more of fluid dynamic...
  15. Black Phoenix

    N2O Container

    Not mechanical engeneer, Industrial electronic one year course... I have mechanical and one of my dutys is learn how to work with this type of machines... Since i love working with machines i have extremmely rapid learning... But i'm not a pro, the block is not perfect... My work place is in portugal... ATEC - Training Academy is the name: