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  1. My Real Power 450 fit in my Wave Master with no problems whatsoever. It easily powers my AMD 64 3400+ and nVidia 6800GT. I've never seen the needle on the power gauge go much past 200w.
  2. You mention that your cases ambient temp is 45c, you can probably reduce this by working on that clutter of wires to create a direct path for the air to flow from the front to the back. I would also get rid of that rear filter, a grill is not really necessary unless you have the habit of sticking things into moving fans. I also suspect that the GPU water block would serve a better purpose mounted to the GPU itself.
  3. I also have a Wave Master, do you think there is room in front for a 120? Or do you have some cutting in mind? I would like to pick up a mobo tray for the Wave Master 2, has room for 2 80's at the back.
  4. I've got mine on my desk, easier access to CD/DVD and USB ports, plus keeps it away from the dust and dirt. Subwoofers go under the desk.
  5. You should get those toe nails checked out by a doctor, that could get ugly. Nice case.
  6. Pardon my ignorance, I have never seen a cooling set-up like this one. Can you please explain the theory behind it?
  7. ShaShou

    ATC-210 Door Problem

    I might be wrong, but those look like rivets on the bottom of my Wave Master. They are not screwed in, but rather punched through mechanically. They are a lot like the rivets on jeans. I don't think there is any way to tighten them, would have to be re-riveted. Maybe you could try drilling them out.
  8. misterLOBY, thanks for the quick reply, maybe I'll give it a shot. Cheers. I'm also running an Aerogate 3, so I can just dial back the rpm's.
  9. Nice job, it's the little things that make a difference. I also have a Wave Master and have been contemplating adding a fan to the top exhaust port. Your current temp is 33c, what was it before? What was the drop? Did you notice an increase in sound volume? Does quite a bit of blue light shine through the top port now?
  10. ShaShou

    Case Cooling

    That depends entirely on what kind of system you are building. How about some specs on your case and components?
  11. It should be out soon, I have already spotted it in stores in Taiwan.
  12. Maybe someone should mod their case to include blinds or curtains over the window.
  13. ShaShou

    Whats this

    I just picked up the blue version of that fan grill for the case fan on my Wave Master. Small touch, but looks pretty good.
  14. Has anyone tried or does anyone know if the Aquagate Mini 80mm will fit in the top blowhole location in the Wave Master?