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  1. Hello ? CoolerMaster can you help me ?
  2. Hi guys, I asked a friend of mine to help me out with my english, so you could understand me better. First of all, thanks for your solutions, my friend will try to explain the problem again, so there is no misunderstanding: The GFX Card does not fit in the AGP slot on the mainboard as you can see on the pics. I already have the new version of the PCI slot panel for Stacker, but I still won't fit in correctly. I tried to solve the Problem with different GFX Cards and two mainboards, but it still does not work (the mainboard was adjusted correctly). To bend, screw or tape something to the mainboard or on the case is definitely no option for me. I don't want to lose any warranty, and my water cooling system does not allow me such experiments, neither on the GFX or the mainboard. Maybe this is an entirely new problem, I hope you can see anything on the new pics (furter range).
  3. In other case (Chiftec) is it..: in the Coolermaster Case: can you see my problem ?
  4. I have the new version of "New revision PCI slot panel for Stacker". the PCI slots dont going. I need new version from this: Have Coolermaster not german support users ? my English is very bad. have many problem to translate the text
  5. Hi, I have a problem. My Grafikkart can not insert in the Slot. I have send e -mail to you and you have send me the new PCI breaker. This working not. I have make screens, do you see my problem, my english is bad. is you see my problem ? The card going not into the AGP slot. I have by start the computer Grafik error. I test is with my Grafikkart (Gainward GF 6800 GT Gold) and from my brother FX 5900. please help me.