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  1. Thanks for the answers. I think i in the end will go without the rings. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, i bought this chassi( http://www.coolermaster-europe.com/inde ... turion%201 ), and have some questions. 1. I got som red plastic/paper rings together with the chassi. They fits the screws, and looks kinda like this(but not that big ofcourse): http://www.8beaks.com/spinners%20&%20di ... %20all.jpg What are they for? Between the screws and the motherboard? 2. Are one supposed to use the black or the silver-coloured screws on the motherboard? I don´t think it matters, grounding issue is the only thing i could think of if they are of different material. 3. The cables to the System panel connector. How do i know which are +, - and ground? Hope for answers.