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  1. Perhaps Cooler Master Could come up with dual layer/ Double sided VGA Coolers - Something like what MSI has done. But go further using their rile-bearing and LED technology on the fans. I'm hopeing that Cooler Master could apply the following specs to their VGA coolers: Heatsinks for GPU chip Both sides Pure Copper Copper RAMsinks For both sides Fans equipt with rifle bearing technology and LEDs.... In addition, heatpipe technology like the Hyper 6 could be implemented into the heatsinks. Perhaps users may also be allowed the choice of LED colour somehow.... Here's hoping that Coolermaster does something like this for the MOD community. I'm sure many users, especially overclockers and case modders would love to see this. I wouldn't mind paying for the cost of such a cooler... after all... it adds a unique aspect to the computer... and VGA coolers are an underdeveloped sector of PC mods. Personally, I feel that most video cards look kinda boring as the cooling apperatus is all placed below... where it can hardly be seen. Apart from looking nicer, it also aids cooling by having a fan take heat away from the other side... and coloured LEDs would simply be icing on the cake. LEDs below and on top... that would be totally sweet. Replies and opinions please