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  1. thank you karma, I had already read 2 of those when i ordered it, musta missed the other. Would anyone atleast be interested in me writing up a little review to put up in the customer review section? I plan on puttin one up on a few forums, if you are interested I will place it here also
  2. I understand that you dont want me talking to much about other companies, thats fine with me, my focus with this topic was about find anyone who has used this block on any card, not just a 6800gt in specific. Any note that I can get relating to its construction, ease of use, modability, or anything they can tell me would be helpful...I dont care if its a 300 word essay on how they openend the package, I'm looking for any general information I can find. Because aside from whats listed on the CM site, I have found very little. I am an active member on many forums, and frequiently lurk around many others. I have found almost nothing on the block, from overclocking or general knowledge forums.
  3. well I figured maybe if I talked about my zalman, some CM guys would hop in and talk about the CM block, but...maybe not
  4. thanks for the reply ninuhadida, I think I will just snag it and see how it goes from there. Ill order it today and spend a lil while between now and it arriving to get some temperature readings and I'll post back with a little mini review. [Mod Edit]Please keep discussion of competitor products to a minimum. Thanks. But like you said, if the block is nothing special, its not gunna break the bank *edit* ok, order has been sent, should be here in a few days
  5. I recently got into the water cooling scene with my own rig (set up a few for friends in the past), and went with the zalman reserator 1 plus. Thats all working fine and dandy, but the block it came with for the video card couldnt be installed as one of the mounting nipples was unthreaded, and rather than call up zalman and wait for a new one, I went searching for a better replacment. I came across the "Cooler Master RL-VNC-CNU1" ( on several sites, but found very little information in terms of user reviews. I will be using this with a leadtek 6800GT AGP, with a side mounted 120mm fan on the panel next to it. From the little information I have gathered this is a very good water block for this card, and I have seen people reporting very nice temps with 6800GTs and Ultras pushed to around 420/1200. Though I am not expecting to go this high, I would like to get atleast to 405/1150, currently on my stock heatsink I sit safely at 405/1170, and can even bench artifact free up to 420/1180, but games begin to artifact after just over an hour, which I cannot have as I am an avid gamer (just cant put down battlefield 2!). I dont mind having slightly higher temps than I do now, nor do I mind having to reduce the overclock a little bit, its the price to pay to have silent operation And the coolermaster 120mm fans that I use on the case (antec super lanboy, 120mm intake front, 120 side intake, 120 rear exhaust, and 120 psu) do a great job of keeping airflowing through my case without any noise, so my ambient temps are great. I just would like to know if anyone has ever used this water block on a 6800GT or Ultra (aparently even works on the 7800GTX), and would mind sharing their experiences with me. I have searched the forums lightly and didn't come up with the results I was looking for, but if my question has already been answered, I would appreciate it if someone could kindly link me thanks in advance! -stang