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  1. I would just give an update... since my last post, I have been contacted by CM USA and they are looking to fulfill the original agreement. So if it goes through (I will update once again), I will eventually be a happy CM customer.... CM USA seems to be improved more than before, with more staff... this makes a tonne of difference.
  2. I figured its about time to post my experience on this ordeal. I was offered the same thing as rijko... and I was happy to get it... but I never got it. The person I was dealing with CoolerMaster just dropped from our email conversations. I was having good communication dealing with Alan Barraza. Original Email was Sep 17, 2006 Last comminication was in Nov 20, 2006 I attempted to contact Alan Barraza till Mar 14, 2007, sending a email every few weeks... Attempted to CC the coolermaster support email address when contacting Alan... yet noone ever responded... seeing as I orignaly pointed the problem out in 2005... its been almost 3 years of crap from CM. hopefully I get this resolved and I can be as happy as rijko
  3. still no response from someone at CM about getting me instructions...
  4. ts_123: would have been cool if you guys sent me some instructions/screws like i asked for 5 times in the 10 email conversation about getting me a tray. i was told i would be getting them by Allan, but i open up my box... no screws, no instructions. also i was sent the mobo tray + the revision plate. Why put me through the hassle of installing the revision plate aswel. now that i look at this tray... it is very easy to modify it to match the rc-810 tray (having 2x 120mm fans). It would be a hour work tops... changing the metal bracket to extend further and repositioning the 120mm fan to fit 2 of them why couldnt coolermaster provide a solution like that? why does the customer have to go through such a hassle to get what they payed for... if i dont modify the stc-01 tray, i was simply sold a $50 more expensive stc-01... that is not a solution. 1 year ago... i tried hard to get this crap resolved. Emailing customer support, emailing rma, messaging forum admin, calling coolermaster support, being transfered around, having CM tell me the pci-bracket fix is only for Europe... i simply gave up, cause CM obviously had. Obvious that noone at coolermaster gave a DAMN! the compensation wouldnt have been canceled if you guys did. maybe its different now, that CM actually has NA support. I was quickly sent my mobo tray, and i thought CM customer support was pretty decent... untill i didnt find any instructions/hardware to put it all together. currently, my motherboard sits outside my case, as I have got a dual-slot video card that doesnt fit at all properly in the pci slot... so would be great if someone at CM atleast email me ASAP about instructions. I emailed 2 people about it in support, its been 2 days... no response
  5. it would be cool if someone at CM could send me the instructions at least for a temp fix. i dont want to drill out the wrong rivots. (and i tried disasembling the mobo tray they sent me, and i got nowhere with it. unscrewed like 10 screws, and the revision plate doesnt seems to come off). anyways, i need the instructions... some sort of pictures for me to look at of installing the new mobo tray, and replacing the revision plate.
  6. I am in the same boat with the pci-bracket issue... back to the removable mobo tray issue... this is crap, you guys offered us (people who complained after buying in september 2005) a resolution. You offered a free sidewindow or 4n3 module as compensation. this offer was made on behalf of CM by the forum admin, notoriousbigs. i emailed my receipt over to CM support as he had said... over a month later, i get a response of basically, "there is no compensation, sorry". I reply back, referencing that thread here... I never got a reply again. i messaged notoriousbigs here about the compensation, he never replied. here is the thread I am talking about: http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3547&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
  7. so i got my package a few weeks ago, for the replacement tray/pci-bracket... i didnt open my package today. 1) no instructions were sent 2) no screws were sent... so if i were to drill it, i dont have screws to put it back together i thought i could just install a replacement pci bracket... but now looking at what I was sent, this is not the case. I have to install the stc-01 tray, to be able to install the pci bracket anyways.... i was sent a mobo tray WITHOUT the revision plate installed... WTF if i wanted a stc-01, i would have bought a stc-01. could have saved $50. if i used the motherboard tray, i would lose a 120mm fan, and change the layout of my pc (i have a 2x 120MM watercooling radiator mounted at the back.) give me a better fix than this crap. I was already scammed by CM when it didnt have a removeable tray. I am getting screwed again. i feel like chucking this out the window, and buy something better. This is obviously a design fault. i can easily mod the stc-01 tray so i can use both 120mm fans... maybe a hours worth of work. but why should I waste time fixing a fault your design. so basically in the end, i get a stc-01, with less functionality of a stc-01, but i payed an extra $50... bs
  8. theres are a whole bunch watercooled/modded Stackers at xtremesystems forums in a thread. http://xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=102550 7 pages of CM Stacker goodness.
  9. thanks for the help, robby forwarded me to this guy Alan at cm usa, hes gonna fedex me a new tray asap
  10. i had emailed robby, and he forwarded my request off the coolermaster usa... i dont know if they are gonna do anything... cm usa doesnt have the greatest supporgt (but i read that they are opening a new parts shop soon in n. america... hopefully it will improve)
  11. i have the same issue, last time i tried to get this resolved, ended up me getting no resolution from CM. Is there any support for this issue for RC-810 owners in North America?
  12. We don't work for coolermaster and don't know everything about their products and proceedures. There's a few coolermaster employees who drop in here when they have time, but for technical support you should contact coolermaster directly via email or phone. This I was not aware of. This is the Offical Coolermaster forum, and I simply figured there would be some people. I am aware, that others have had their issues addressed by CM employees and I guess this is where I made my assumption. It was "notoriousbigs" who requested I go through the work of making pictures, and then made no further response. if you do some searching on the forums, you will come to realise, cm has shitty support... if you fire off some emails, dont expect replys or expect irrelevant ones... dont expect help from notoriousbigs.... hes helpful at first, but when it looks like you find a resolution, hes not gonna respond anymore... not that hes not active, hes one of the most active people on the forums... i just dont think he gives a damn... its better not to come to cm forums when you need help, cause you just see reasons why you shouldnt have bought a stacker
  13. i would like to thank notoriousbigs, for being helpful at first, but isnt very helpful now (thanks for ignoring my message) and also id like to thank coolermaster, for the best service that i didnt get... (thanks for making it look like you gave a damn) once again... the case is awesome... coolermaster blows... the 830 looks nice, but for the problems with 810... i dont think i will buy a 830 (or another CM product), and telling other people not to aswell... ...
  14. nope, i sent them reply, been like over a week, no response i also messaged notoriousbigs, no reply either
  15. no clue... prbly wont buy cm stuff again =/ even though its an awesome case, but the motherboard tray you cant remove (which was one of the selling points for the reason i bought it), and the pci bracket is fucked, so cant secure any cards with screws... and the lies are just too good from cm, like them blaming the pci-bracket problem on pci-e card manufacturers... which is just bs, because even my old :) cases can fit the card properly, just face it, cm fucked up i would have been satisifed with cm, if they haD actually given me something for this POS, but i guess not...
  16. well i finaly got a reply to the email with receipt i sent a while back... i explained the situation in the email and made all references to the forum here, that coolermaster was offering a resolution... but i guess that resolution was lie... ZERO mention of me getting anything.... that was it, i waited weeks, for this lame response... so before i was just annoyed that coolermaster screwed me over... but now this makes me angry, that i was supposed to be offered a resolution, and i never got it....
  17. bump... hey look... they updated the site, and the product sheet... removed the "Removable motherboard tray frame."... yet no response to the people who got screwed, thank you coolermaster
  18. http://www.coolermaster.com/index.php?L ... e%20Module
  19. thats funny... i got my rc-810 on wednesday, and right there on the box, it sais, under the structural heading under Key Features: o_0... someone sure did messup on this one, ... its missing a "Key Feature"... lol
  20. well i got my cm stacker rc-810 on wednesday (took forever to get one here in canada...) i put my pc together just a few mins ago, i went to put my video card in pci slot 1 (the one closest to top), it seats fine, but you can put a screw in... unless... you remove the 2nd pci slot bracket and so on (i only have 1 pci device right now, my vid card, so dont really wanna remove the 2nd slot bracket for no reason) the top of my vid card bracket, with the groove to put the screw in to hold it snug, is completely covering the hole... but its not like its gonna fall out, because its fully seated...