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  1. iGreen Power is being featured in a tutorial at Feel free to check out the link below and learn more on "How to Replace Your Power Supply"
  2. Check this out! ... 8602#58602
  3. Alan is our customer support guy in CMUSA. You may simply reply his email and he will take care of you. He comes to work everyday and will try his best to reply all emails that we receive. Thank you for your understanding and patient.
  4. Sorry guys for the slow response. Our team has been short of 3 people since last Thursday. I know there is no excuse to delay responding to our valuable customers, but it is a little update in our office. In respond to the thread, I do need to see your original email to our customersupport. Could you please PM me with the content? Although I am not the one who handle this type of inquiry, I will be more than happy to direct your request to the person who does. Again, please accept our apology for the delay.
  5. sorjorla

    WaveMaster II

    Yeah, we debut this case along with other new products in CES. It should be available sometime in April/May. I cannot tell the exact time yet. We are arranging some product reviews at different medias, hopefully some can be published in early Apil. Please stay tune.
  6. What happened to you domoMKIV? It's passed 12pm and I still haven't received your shipping info. I'm sorry to tell you that we have to pick another winner. Wacft, you are the winner of this Blue Ice now. Please email your shipping address to by 26th, 12p.m. I'll get the Blue Ice sent to you on the 26th afternoon.
  7. domoMKIV , I still haven't heard from you yet. Please send your shipping address to by tomorrow, 24th, 12p.m.PST If we don't hear from you by then, I'll have to pick another winner to replace you~
  8. Winner announced: domoMKIV Please email me your shipping address ASAP. Congratulations!
  9. Thanks everybody! You guys provided very valuable information! I'll need to spend a great deal of time summizing them tomorrow.
  10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS! They are very helpful! As I promised, I'll randomly pick one person to win the Blue Ice 2. I know it isn't something big, but please still take that as my tiny little gratitude. And the winner is: Wacft Please email your shipping address to I believe you are in USA just by seeing the flag. If you are not in USA, Canada, or Mexico, I'm sorry but we'll have to pick another winner. For those who didn't win anything this time, please don't be mad at me. Just stay tune at CM Forum, I'll try to come up with something for you this weekend and announce it next week. Dear all, I'm doing a little market research here and need your help. We want to know what makes the perfect PSU that everybody would like. Please feel free to leave any comments here. Here are some criteria I want to hear from you: 1. How much wattage do you think is sufficient? 2. What features are must-have to this PSU? 3. How much are you willing to spend on this PSU? Thank you very much for your input! P.S. I want to hear from you! So, whoever leaves a valuable comment here [Emoticon response doesn't count as valuable here ], you are automatically enter in the lucky draw! We will randomly pick ONE person to win the Blue Ice 2 (RT-UCL-L4U1)! I will announce the winner on Friday afternoon, Pacific Standard Time!